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AI Author Advantage: Transform Your Career with AI

Hosted by Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Best-Seller Maker

Are you an author or an aspiring writer looking to take your authorship to new heights?

Welcome to "AI Author Advantage," a game-changing program designed to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence in your writing journey.

A revolutionary author program crafted to harness the extraordinary capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, empowering you on your way to becoming a best selling author.

Here's what you'll gain from the AI Author Advantage

Unleash Creativity with AI

 Learn how AI can spark innovation, generating unique and compelling book ideas to captivate your readers.

Streamline Your Writing Process

 Discover how AI can accelerate your writing and editing processes, making your work more efficient and enjoyable.

Master AI-Powered Marketing

Uncover strategies to leverage AI for effective book promotion and reader engagement.

Boost Your Book Sales

See how AI can help you optimize your book pricing, distribution, and sales strategies for maximum profit.

Personalized Support

Benefit from personalized guidance and support from Peggy McColl and our team of AI and publishing experts.

But that's not all. Joining the AI Author Advantage offers you a unique opportunity to be part of a vibrant community of like-minded authors, all leveraging AI for success in the dynamic world of authorship.

Here is a list of the topics covered in the AI Author Advantage Program

Module 1

Introduction to AI in Authorship

  • Understanding AI and Its Role in Modern Authorship
  • Benefits of AI in the Writing Process
  • Setting Expectations: What AI Can and Cannot Do

Module 2

AI for Idea Generation and Title Creation

  • Using AI to Generate and Refine Book Ideas
  • Leveraging AI to Craft Winning Book Titles
  • AI in Naming Events, Speaking Topics, Webinars, Programs, etc.

Module 3

AI-Assisted Writing and Editing

  • How AI Can Aid in Creating an Effective Outline
  • Enhancing Your Writing Style and Flow with AI Tools
  • AI for Editing and Polishing Your Manuscript

Module 4

AI for Book Design

  • AI Tools for Creating Eye-Catching Book Covers
  • Crafting Compelling Back-Cover Copy with AI

Module 5

AI in Marketing and Promotion

  • Using AI for Creating Engaging Web Pages
  • Crafting Effective Social Media Posts with AI
  • How AI Can Enhance Your Email Marketing Efforts
  • Writing AI-Assisted Articles for Promotion

Module 6

AI for Sales and Distribution

  • Understanding How AI Can Help Optimize Pricing Strategies
  • Leveraging AI for Effective Distribution and Sales

Module 7

Future Trends in AI and Authorship

  • Exploring Emerging AI Technologies Relevant to Authors
  • Anticipating Future Trends: What's Next for AI in Authorship

Module 8

Mastering AI Tools for Authors

  • A Detailed Look at Key AI Tools for Authors
  • Hands-On Experience and Best Practices
  • Troubleshooting and Overcoming Challenges

Module 9

 Building Your AI-Powered Author Platform

  • Integrating AI into Your Author Platform
  • Building a Cohesive AI Strategy for Writing and Marketing
  • Case Studies: Success Stories of AI-Powered Authors

Module 10

Conclusion and Next Steps

  • Review and Key Takeaways
  • Developing a Personal Action Plan
  • Continuous Learning and Keeping Up with AI Developments

The outline provides a comprehensive roadmap for authors to understand and leverage AI in every step of their writing and publishing journey. It offers practical, hands-on learning and keeps the focus on real-world application and success.

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☑️ Introduction to AI in Authorship

☑️ AI for Idea Generation and Title Creation

☑️  AI-Assisted Writing and Editing

☑️ AI for Book Design

☑️  AI in Marketing and Promotion

☑️  AI for Sales and Distribution

☑️  Future Trends in AI and Authorship

☑️  Mastering AI Tools for Authors

☑️  Building Your AI-Powered Author Platform

☑️  Conclusion and Next Steps

☑️ Online Course Access

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☑️  Four weeks of one-on-one private mentorship with New Times Best Selling Author Peggy

☑️  Meet twice a week for 15 minutes (every Monday and every Friday between 8am EST and 4pm EST); or once a week for 30 minutes. 

☑️  Start your mentorship with Peggy with a 1 hour strategic planning session

☑️ Video recordings of each session so you can review them

☑️ LIVE Q&A Calls 4x/month for 3 months (12 live Q&A/coaching calls with Peggy)

☑️ Introduction to AI in Authorship

☑️ AI for Idea Generation and Title Creation

☑️  AI-Assisted Writing and Editing

☑️ AI for Book Design

☑️  AI in Marketing and Promotion

☑️  AI for Sales and Distribution

☑️  Future Trends in AI and Authorship

☑️  Mastering AI Tools for Authors

☑️  Building Your AI-Powered Author Platform

☑️  Conclusion and Next Steps

☑️ Online Course Access

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Here's what some of our author students say about Peggy’s teachings and programs

First, You Finish Your Book, Program, and/or Plan... 
And Then, "The Rest Is History"

As a mentor, author of 22 books and a New York Times Best-Seller, Peggy McColl has helped thousands of people get their books written and published and on the Best-Seller lists, as well as start and grow their dream businesses.

Many of today's "big name" successful Authors have worked with Peggy McColl on their way to the top.

Regardless of who they are today, when they began, they were just like you: They had an idea, a dream, and needed a mentor's guidance to help them make it happen.

Now, it's your turn!

Imagine where you can be a very short time from now.
"...Inspiring People From All Walks Of Life..."
Pisey Leng
International Best-Selling Author, "The Wisdom Seeker"

Do you have an incredible story "locked up" inside of you that you'd just love to articulate and share with people - "somehow"?

Pisey Leng had an incredible story to tell, but didn’t feel her English was good enough to construct the sentences and paragraphs to tell it effectively, let alone write a book about it. 

However, once she found the confidence - and with a little guidance from Peggy McColl, she created an incredible book, The Wisdom Seeker, which became an International best-seller. 

Pisey grew up in Cambodia during the era of the torturous Khmer Rouge. At a young age, she was torn from her family and sent to a re-education camp. 

The horrific atrocities she and her family members withstood are unimaginable, but somehow she found a way to harvest the lessons about life and human nature both good and bad that she shares in her book.

Her book is inspiring people from all walks of life. AND it's become a wonderful source of joy and abundance for her.
"...A 7-Figure Publishing Deal..."
Elle Newmark
International Best-Selling Author, "Bones Of The Dead"

Several years ago, Elle Newmark, an aspiring author, had written several books and attempted to follow the traditional publishing path only to become frustrated by many rejections from Publishers. 

She contacted Peggy McColl to get help to leveraging the power of the internet in effectively self-publishing and marketing her book. 

As a fiction writer, she soon understood that the same methods for launching a book applied for either fiction or non-fiction. She was an excellent student who followed all of Peggy's recommendations, but she also added her own creative thinking to the mix. 

One of the creative things she did was to send out more than 400 emails to publishers and literary agents the day before her book release to encourage them to watch her book rise up the charts. 

The next day, her book took off like a rocket and became an international best-seller on Amazon (following my strategy). 

Within a few days, she had a literary agent who put her book up for auction. Then within two weeks, she had publishers bidding on the purchase of the literary rights. 

Simon and Schuster preempted all other bids by offering her a seven figure publishing deal.
"...Awakened by messages in the night..."
Banafsheh Akhlaghi
International Best-Selling Author, "Beautiful Reminders Anew"

In the middle of the night, Banafsheh Akhlaghi, a civil and human rights attorney from California, was awakened by “messages” that she found so powerfully inspiring that she began to jot them down on notepads. 

She decided to compile the mounting number of pages into book form. 

After reaching out to Peggy McColl, she put together, self-published and launched her book, Beautiful Reminders, which became an international best-seller. 

Her vast experience working at the international level for the United Nations and other global organizations contributed to her insights of truly understanding how to effect positive change in the world.

Since then, she's been up to all kinds of amazing things that are truly contributing to humanity as a whole - on a large scale.
"...Welcome To Hollywood. What's Your Dream?..."
Mick Petersen
Best-Selling Author, "Stella And The Timekeepers"

In 2008, Mick Petersen had a dream about a beautiful universe and had the "audacity" of writing a book about it.

He finished the rough draft in 2011, but had no idea what to do next. After meeting Peggy McColl at a seminar, he joined one of her online classes where she helped him understand how to navigate the world of self-publishing and book marketing. 

In April 2015, he launched his book Stella And The Timekeepers to best-seller status on Amazon. Two weeks later, he was contact by Phil Goldfine, Oscar and Emmy winning Hollywood producer, who invited him to Los Angeles. 

They signed a film option for the book and together they have a shared vision of making his book series into a massive franchise on par with the Harry Potter series. He is now under contract with Simon and Schuster who bought the rights to his book.
Robin Sharma
Best-Selling Author of “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”

Hit #1 spot on “Peggy is absolutely brilliant at what she does. She was the lead player in a campaign that saw The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO rise to the #1 spot on within hours. Listen to what she says — she’s a master.”
Arielle Ford
Best-Selling Author of “THE SOULMATE SECRET: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction”

"Peggy is like a finely tuned sports car — always delivering top performance with crazy SPEED!  Yay For You for having another spectacular lap around the track".
Glenn Shepard
Author, “How To Be The Employee Your Company Can’t Live Without”

“After we realized the power of having a #1 bestseller, we raised the fee I charged for doing teleseminars (talking on the phone for 60 minutes) from $500 to $1,000. Because we were getting more requests than I could handle, we eventually raised it to $2,500. The first company to say yes to that price told my assistant it was because they wanted to publicize that the speaker has a #1 bestseller. But the real money came from raising my fee for keynote speeches, which doubled from $5,000 to $10,000. The most BIZARRE part is that I have booked more speeches at $10,000 in the three years since I hit #1 on Barnes & Noble, than I booked at half that price for the preceding 10 years combined. My book has now been translated into five languages, and the effect continues to grow. Last year I was offered my own reality TV show, which was the direct result of a TV producer picking up a copy of the book at a bookstore in London. When people tell me they want to write a book, I tell them not to bother unless they plan on making it a #1 bestseller. When they ask how to do that, my answer is two simple words: Peggy McColl.”
Did You Know? Peggy Has Worked With...

Now is the time to begin your AI-powered authorship journey. The future of writing is here, and with AI Author Advantage, you can make it yours.

Click the button below to join the AI Author Advantage now and begin your journey to the future of authorship.

Frequently Asked Questions
I'm worried AI will replace me or take away from my creativity.
AI is a tool, not a replacement. It enhances and streamlines the writing process; it doesn't take away your unique voice or creativity. In fact, it can help free up more time for you to focus on the creative aspects of your writing, while it handles the more tedious tasks.
AI is too complicated to use
Like any new technology, there's a learning curve with AI, but the "AI Author Advantage" program is designed to guide you every step of the way, breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand modules. Plus, many AI tools for authors are becoming increasingly user-friendly.
I can't afford to invest in AI tools.
Think of AI as an investment rather than a cost. It's about improving efficiency, saving time, and ultimately, enhancing your profitability. Our program, priced at $997, aims to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to make the most out of AI without breaking the bank.
I'm worried AI won't understand my writing style.
Modern AI tools are incredibly advanced and can adapt to various writing styles. They learn from your input and can be trained to mimic your style, helping you produce consistent and high-quality content.
I don't think I need AI.
Even if you feel you don't need AI right now, it's important to stay updated with the latest trends in your industry. AI is revolutionizing various sectors, including writing and publishing. Embracing it now can give you a competitive advantage in the rapidly changing literary landscape.
Using AI is cheating or akin to plagiarism
Using AI in writing is not cheating or plagiarism. It's similar to using any other digital tool like a word processor or a grammar checker. It doesn't write your book for you; instead, it assists you in the process by providing suggestions, correcting errors, and helping you generate ideas.
Plagiarism is copying someone else's work without credit, which is an unethical and illegal practice. AI tools do not advocate or promote such actions. Instead, they help automate and streamline parts of the writing process, allowing authors to focus more on creativity and content development.
Furthermore, you are the one in control when you're using AI. You decide which suggestions to accept and which to reject. In the end, the final output is a result of your decision-making and creativity, supplemented by the AI tool's assistance.
 Peggy, did you use AI To help with any of your books?
"Yes, I did utilize AI technology, specifically ChatGPT, during the process of writing 'Today is Cash'. The tool assisted me by generating ideas, providing suggestions, and helping with editing. However, it's important to clarify that the AI didn't write the book for me. It was a tool that I used to enhance and streamline the process. As the author, I made all final decisions about content, narrative structure, and the book's overall direction. The AI was a valuable assistant, but the creative vision and execution were entirely mine."
How did AI help you beyond your book into creating another revenue source?
"AI, specifically ChatGPT, played a significant role in extending the reach and impact of 'Today is Cash' beyond the written pages. It helped me create a comprehensive, structured program based on the principles of the book. This program serves as an additional source of revenue and a means to help more people understand the value of their time.
ChatGPT was instrumental in outlining the course content, organizing the topics, and generating engaging material. The process was highly collaborative. I provided the overall direction and made all the final decisions, but the AI was there every step of the way, suggesting ideas, generating content, and helping me bring my vision to life.
The AI also helped me devise a marketing strategy for the program, including creating a sales page and planning a webinar. It aided in addressing potential objections and emphasizing the value proposition. In essence, AI was a valuable assistant that significantly accelerated the creation and marketing process of the program, ultimately leading to an additional income stream."
Remember, the emphasis is on how AI served as a tool that assisted you, while you remained the primary driver of the creative process.
When I join the AI Author Advantage Program do I get to ask Peggy any questions I desire?
 When you join the AI Author Advantage program, you'll receive all the course content that's been carefully created to provide the most value to authors looking to leverage AI. This includes in-depth modules, guides, and resources that walk you through the process of effectively using AI in your writing and marketing process.
Now, if you're interested in a more interactive learning experience, we do offer an upgrade option. This upgrade will provide you with access to Open Q&A sessions where you can ask your questions and answers. It's a wonderful opportunity to learn from Peggy, the experiences of others, clarify any doubts you may have, and gain insights that you might not have considered.
But that's not all! If you're someone who prefers one-on-one guidance and in-depth personal mentoring, you also have the option to invest in private mentoring. This option gives you direct access to me, Peggy McColl. In these sessions, we'll delve into your specific needs and challenges, and you'll receive personalized guidance tailored to your writing journey. This is the ultimate way to fast-track your success with AI authorship.
So, whether you're comfortable learning at your own pace with the course content, prefer the interactive nature of Q&A sessions, or want the personal touch of private mentoring, there's a suitable option for you in the AI Author Advantage program. Make the choice that best suits your learning style and start your AI authorship journey today!
When does the AI Author program begin? Will I have immediate access to all of the content?
 The AI Author program begins immediately upon enrollment. If you choose to participate in the live weekly calls, you will receive the schedule through your dashboard.

Currently, the program offers numerous trainings for you to review and study. It is important to note that not all classes have been finalized at this time. However, the entire course will be completed by mid-August 2023. We will notify you via email whenever new trainings become available. Additionally, Peggy is continuously reviewing the program and developing new content to enhance the learning experience for members.
What are the best resources for AI for Authors to help them create success?
 While there are a variety of AI tools available for authors, finding the right ones and learning to use them effectively can be a challenge. That's why I created the AI Author Advantage program.
In the AI Author Advantage program, I walk you through the most effective AI tools and resources available for authors, ones that can truly elevate your writing, editing, and overall productivity. Not only do I provide a curated list of the best AI resources, but I also guide you on how to use them to their full potential, in a manner that complements and enhances your unique writing style.
I understand the needs of authors because I am an author myself. I’ve been through the process of leveraging AI to create success in my own writing endeavors, and I am passionate about helping other authors do the same.
By joining the AI Author Advantage program, you're not just getting a list of tools - you're investing in your growth as an author. You're diving into a comprehensive resource that's designed to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of AI in authorship, while also joining a community of like-minded authors who are all on the same journey.
Don't waste time sifting through the vast internet trying to figure out which tools will work best for you, let me guide you through this process. Dive in today and give yourself the advantage of having AI as your co-author. I promise you won't regret it!
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