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do you want to immediately unlock YOUR true destiny

and help others do the same?

The DESTINY COACH CERTIFICATION PROGRAM gives you everything you need to:

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enjoy access to a true "business in a box"

Receive instant online access to everything you need to start and grow your own successful coaching business immediately:

online training program

THE DESTINY KEY online training program is the new center of your Universe as a Coach.

It's also the new center of the Universe for thousands of your new Coaching Clients.

You and your clients will study this program together, which delivers all the core principles of personal development - enabling you all to enjoy the fulfillment of infinite possibilities.

It's truly the key to your destiny.

Each Destiny Key Program license includes:


Destiny, Purpose and Power

This is where the magic already begins: Unlock your highest level of destiny by gaining clarity on what "destiny" really is ... discovering or choosing your purpose ... and tapping into your infinite power and potential.



You will be introduced to a powerful concept that few people understand – the cause of the disparity between what we should do and what we actually end up doing, and how to close the gap.


Desires and Goals

Learn how to set and achieve big goals, goals that truly inspire and excite you. There's nothing you can't do!


The Power of Emotions

You will start to move into the “how” – how you can re-program yourself to get the wonderful results you want. This is where you will really start to see how your habits and behaviors – your paradigms – affect your day-to-day life and influence the results you get.


The Power of Your Mind

Discover your true potential and the most effective tools you have in your mind to help you get on the right track.


Switching Techniques

As you go throughout life, "stuff" happens, doesn't it? Become the master of your destiny by learning to flip the switch and stay in alignment, no matter what speed bumps come your way.


Being In Harmony

You must be in harmony with your desires in order to manifest the results you want... and you must be there all day, every day. Here's HOW.


Persistence and Discipline

As you may have noticed, many people say that “They will do that, they believe that,” and then their actions indicate something totally different. In this module, we are going to teach you how to integrate your beliefs with your behavior.


Overcoming Adversity and Allowing

In this lesson, you’ll learn that your attitude is a composite of 3 things – your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. We will teach you how to have the right attitude, no matter the circumstances -- and do it with ease!


Action and Mastery

Unleash your inner "action-taker" -- the one who's been lying dormant your entire life! Never before have you had the ability to be as productive as you're about to be after studying this lesson ... this is true mastery of who you are: A high performance destiny machine.


The 7 Day Miracle

Can you achieve at least one miracle in just 7 days? You bet you can. And with The 7 Day Miracle bonus material, you'll discover how to make every week one that leaves you in total "awe".


Tools & Resources

As you create your destiny, it's very important to have the RIGHT tools in your toolbox - because tools make the process easier. The tools included with your enrollment are simple and profound - and easy to implement into your every-day life.

✅ No content to create... simply share this online training program with your clients and walk them through how to implement it in their lives inside group or one-on-one coaching calls.

online training library

THE CERTIFIED DESTINY COACH online training library gives you instant access to everything you need to be an elite level Destiny Coach:

  • SpeedyStart: How to get up and running as fast as humanly and divinely possible
  • Getting Certified: How to easily master the materials and become a Certified Destiny Coach
  • Setting Up Your Business: How to set your business up for success and get ready to accept money and serve your clients
  • Effectively Coaching: How to understand and apply the materials inside The Destiny Key so you can guide your clients to success
  • Marketing & Sales Training: From mindset to step-by-step tactical training, everything you need to succeed is right here at your fingertips
  • Marketing Funnel Templates: No need to re-invent the wheel! Click and instantly install our official Destiny Coach web page, lead magnet, marketing and e-mail templates

✅ Everything is right here... this is as close to "turn key" as it gets in the coaching industry.

live mentorship calls & community

THE DESTINY COACH LIVE MENTORSHIP CALLS give you direct access to Peggy McColl and her team:

  • 2x Per Month: Ask questions, receive answers, and eliminate any confusion or overwhelm: The Dynamic Destinies team is here for you.
  • Laser Coaching: Share your goals, marketing objectives, and more and receive direct feedback and mentorship from Peggy and/or another expert on the Dynamic Destinies team
  • You're Not Alone: You have all the support you need to be encouraged, be accountable, and succeed as a Certified Destiny Coach!
  • Private Facebook Community: With fellow Destiny Coaches located around the world, you have 24/7/365 access to a like-minded community with shared goals, unique knowledge, and a feeling of love like no other

✅ Top-level support: No "guessing", only knowing! The Destiny Coach community will lift you up.

Peggy McColl

Kathleen Cameron

Kim Calvert

Doug Dane

Blaine Bartlett

Jacquelyn MacKenzie

Robert Pascuzzi

THE GOLDEN NUGGETS OF WISDOM FROM MILLIONAIRE COACHES online training library gives you unique perspectives from some of the top personal development coaches in the world:

  • Creating The Identity Of A Millionaire Coach: Discover how to out-perform your current self-image and create a new version of you
  • ​Falling In Love With Sales: Crafting your path to agreement using Bob Proctor's timeless sales steps
  • Online Lead Generation: How to build a database of leads and inspire them to invest in themselves with your coaching
  • Social Media Game Plan: How to master the game in your own unique way
  • 90 Day Success Plan: How to hit the ground running with a 90-day plan that will catapult your mindset, marketing & sales success
  • Top 1% Sales Club Scripts: Plug these in to "skip levels" and skyrocket your coaching business
  • Best Methods To Get Paying Clients Fast: Take the shorter, easier road to earning your dream income
  • Be A One-Call Closer: How to have one call with a prospective client and inspire them to say "yes" to themselves and you
  • 8 Steps To Follow To Be A 7-Figure Earner: A simple recipe for financial success
  • ​Developing Confidence: To charge the price you really want
  • ​And Much More!

✅ Nowhere else can you receive access to decades upon decades of incredible wisdom and shorten your path to success as an elite Coach.

online training program
& live mentorship calls

THE MSI AUTHOR + ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM gives you everything you need to:

  • Expand Your Brand: Become the next Peggy McColl ... Bob Proctor ... Wayne Dyer ... in your own, unique way. Bring more of YOU to the table and create your own unique offers!
  • Understand The MSI Opportunity: The wealthiest people in the world don't have just one or two sources of income... they have multiple. Discover the infinite opportunities available to expand your income, and tune into the top 2 that are easily "plugged in" to your coaching business
  • Implement The MSI Opportunity: In addition to the high-level, big picture view, you will receive the step-by-step instructional guidance to set up Multiple Sources of Income. Here is just a small preview of what's inside:

top income-earning REVENUE MODELS

get your BOOK done
and make it a BEST-SELLER

get your PROGRAM done
and scale your PROFIT

LIVE feedback and Q&A SUPPORT every week

direct access to PEGGY... 100 days of MENTORSHIP

personal revenue model REVIEW


✅ This is the place to join the "Major Leagues" of success beyond your wildest dreams.


prosperity mentorship program

THE SKIPPING LEVELS PROSPERITY MENTORSHIP PROGRAM gives you advanced knowledge, skills and a higher level of awareness ... so you can BE who you want to BE and bypass (or "skip") many of the typical systematic steps you'd have to take without this new level of "knowing".


✅ Faster manifestations are yours, along with the spiritual awareness to keep them there.

"Ask yourself: Now that you're one of the top elite Destiny Coaches in the world, how do you feel?" 
- Peggy McColl


$83,973 $24,995

or 6 monthly payments of $4,500 USD


Bob Proctor

Author of You Were Born Rich

"Abundance is your birthright ... however, awareness is the key to attraction. I have watched Peggy McColl study, manifest and teach this information for 35 years. If you want abundance, she can sure show you how to get it."

Marianne Williamson

New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Peggy McColl was lovely to work with, and — most importantly of all — the campaign produced results! I would work with her again in a minute.”

Debbie Ford

#1 New York Times Best-Selling author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers and Why Good People Do Bad Things

"If it’s wealth you desire, Peggy McColl is an inspiring teacher and a self-made woman who is uniquely qualified to set you on the path to greater abundance in all areas of your life."

Marci Shimoff

#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul, Happy for No Reason and featured teacher in The Secret

"Peggy McColl reveals the wisest and most profound principles to help you bring more wealth into every area of your life. Apply these principles today and be ready for an avalanche of abundance." 


they are the DAYDREAMERS who discover how to MAKE DREAMS REAL.

as a CERTIFIED DESTINY COACH, you will unlock:

time freedom
emotional freedom

as you HELP OTHERS, you'll also be helping yourself.

WHO exactly fits the DESTINY COACH role?

you love GROWTH. you embrace CHANGE.

and you want MORE for you and your fellow men and women.

you want to start with a "totally done and ready" opportunity... and when you're ready, have the freedom to customize it and grow it without any limits.

While the world spends their time watching TIKTOK, you invest your time, fully aware of how rapidly it goes tick, tock...

you're a:

high school grad OR dropout

it really doesn't matter who you are, or where you're starting from...

what matters is where you want to GO.

FULL-TIME or PART-TIME: it's your choice!

what DESTINY COACHES are saying

“I signed up because I wanted to combine my passion of helping others with a prosperous lifestyle. But what mostly attracted me was Peggy’s love for others - it just shines through and I wanted to be in that environment and learn from the person, both with such a big heart and also with 40 years of experience. So what did I get? I got a business in a box! And there’s so much support - I got a lot of good, high quality support - and I got clients right away. So, I just love being a Destiny Coach. It’s part of my self-image now. And being with like-minded people, I would say is really underestimated. It’s really nice to have these colleagues as well. So, to use Peggy’s words: What would YOU really love? I answered that, and became a Destiny Coach. In my words to you, what’s holding you back? Nothing held me back, and I love my decision.”

Certified DDI Destiny Coach

“I joined the Destiny Coach program because the atmosphere there is really supportive, warm-hearted, humorous, and I realized so much content the past few months I’ve never gotten before. You get support on every corner of your needs! If you want to be a Destiny Coach and you’re just checking if it’s the right program for you, I could imagine it is. Peggy is the one who can really bring you to the point to be a great Destiny Coach and to support others, and to do it with love and gratitude. So invest in yourself - make a jump - and come into our wonderful group of Destiny Coaches!"

Certified DDI Destiny Coach

“I joined the team of Destiny Coaches and I’m really happy that I did. I got to know Peggy through Bob Proctor and when I saw her, I really liked her energy and the way she explained the materials. I looked her up on the Internet and started following her on social media, and signed up for a few of the challenges. I decided that I really wanted to work with this wonderful woman, so I joined the Destiny Coach program. What I like about it is that you are welcomed in to a big, loving Destiny Coaches family. Everyone is so helpful, not just Peggy - but also her wonderful team and all the other Destiny Coaches. After I joined the program, I got access to the Destiny Coaches program, and you are guided there on how to set up your business, about marketing, and also how to develop your self as a coach. So, it’s not like you get thrown into the deep, but there is so much guidance from Peggy and her wonderful team - and we also have our Q&A calls every two weeks and I really like those because it is your chance to ask questions an you get to interact with all the other Destiny Coaches. You also get access to the Skipping Levels program, and that is really an amazing program… and of course, to The Destiny Key program, and that is where you will be coaching from. It’s a wonderful program that is easy to follow, and it gives you and your clients the opportunity to change their lives. There are 10 video lessons made by Peggy, and the clients watch those - and after every video lesson, they have a coaching call with you. You get to go deeper into the materials, and you help them integrate all the information - all the tools - into their lives. Because YOU are so involved with all the materials, you also grow as a person and as a coach - and I think that is what I love most about being a Destiny Coach! I’ve grown as a person and get better every day in every way. I found so many wonderful, like-minded persons that really enriched my life. Working with Peggy, her wonderful team, and all the other Destiny Coaches made me a happier person and it also gave me more purpose in my life. So if you think about becoming a Destiny Coach, just do it! You won’t regret it. I promise."

Certified DDI Destiny Coach

“The Destiny Coaching program is amazing to say the least! I’ve been doing this program now for over six months and I’ve grown! And it’s not just my way of performing as a coach, but also my personal transformation is just so powerful. What Peggy does - what the program does - is it gives you tools, a process, a step-by-step process that takes you out of your comfort zone - that takes your world view and expands it beyond what you think possible … as you are going through the programs, you are doing these practices - you change as an individual - you become powerful and supported by the community - but you also begin to see others in a different way that is so helpful. If you’re a coach, being able to see the blockages in your clients and to help them really to achieve their highest potential, because now you have the strategy - you have the tools - you have a way - and that’s where Peggy is an absolute genius. Now, Destiny Key program is one of the best coaching programs from my own experience … Being in Peggy’s program within the last six months, there have been so many changes in my personal growth, financial growth - many many things happened- and I highly recommend this program to anyone. If you’re thinking of becoming a coach, don’t wait until “one day” - there’s no point in waiting! The time is now. If you’re serious - if you’re ready to take your life in the next direction, then this program is for you - it’s just as simple as that."

Certified DDI Destiny Coach

“I made the decision to join Peggy McColl’s Skipping Levels Mentorship Program and became one of her Destiny Coaches. There was a time in my life when I really felt stuck, and I knew that I needed clarity … I wanted to learn the language of success … and also I didn’t want to live a life of regret. So I saw her programs as an opportunity to find these answers and to pick up the pace in my life. Basically, I was living my life in a comfort zone - and that’s something you can do for a while, like sitting in a rocking chair - but you’re not going to get anywhere. I also realized that the longest relationship I’m ever going to have is with myself. We all know that time is a non-renewable resource, so “I best get on with the work”. What you need to do is try and figure out these questions - if you feel you’re in that same state, try and figure out: How would you show up to your life differently if there was no rejection? What would it mean for you if, at the end of the day, your dreams didn’t have to fade? How would it feel if you’re able to measure your success and see the evidence of your work coming into play? What would it mean for you if you were able to make faster decisions? Just imagine how valuable you’ll become to your friends and family when they realize that you’re servicing others. You become irreplaceable! So these are the type of things you need to entertain in your mind. We all get into different zones … there’s zones of comfort, zones of restriction, but what you could tap into the zone of flow? That’s where you need to be! Where things start to fall into alignment for you on a regular basis … so if you feel you want to tap into that invisible side of you, I invite you to look into our programs. Welcome home!"

Certified DDI Destiny Coach

“I joined Destiny Coaching in June 2021 … I’ve observed some huge changes in my life. I’ve started enjoying life, which is quite new for me! I always wanted, and I had my notes all over my house saying, ‘enjoy life’, but you know what? On the conscious level, I wanted - I tried - but on my sub-conscious level, it wouldn’t work for a long time - maybe one day, or some minutes - that was it. And now, I truly enjoy my life. My health became so much better … it’s so much in balance now, it’s wonderful! My habits changed as well. I was a person that had dis-order in my head, my mind, and around me … I have less anxiety, I worry less about my life, and more opportunities are coming into my life ... I understand people so much better now, because I see their paradigms. I can help them. What I would tell you if you’re considering taking the Destiny Coaching program or any of the programs, please understand that you are fighting yourself: Your ‘old you’ full of paradigms is fighting the ’new you’, and your network is fighting you as well because they don’t want you to change … Without a program, and without an advisor or a coach, you don’t have a chance to succeed. I didn’t see anyone that succeeded without a program, without an advisor. So yes, make the step! Because I’m sure your desire and your better life deserves this. I hope to meet you personally."

Certified DDI Destiny Coach

“I joined the program earlier this year in April - it was brand new - and when Peggy asked me to join, I didn’t hesitate - I said YES immediately to the opportunity because I knew it was something that I really would love! What I love about the program is the fact that I help other people to get out of their own way and to see their own magnificence the way that I see them - because every person deserves the very best life has to offer. And as a coach, you can help another person see their own magnificence. That’s very rewarding. It’s fun - it speaks to the inner person and your awareness. You grow, as you help others grow. If you’re on the fence about making a decision - here’s something that you can do: Ask youself, ‘Do I want it?’ and if the answer is YES, then go for it! That’s all you have to do. You’ll be glad you did."

Certified DDI Destiny Coach

“Peggy is not just a great mentor of mine, she’s also a wonderful friend - and from the first time I met her, I knew that she had my best interests at heart and she will have the same for you. I’ve participated in many of her elite coaching programs and high-level mentorship, and it is by far the most valuable thing I have ever done and one of the biggest reasons that now, today, I have a global company with about 15 people on my team. That’s not an accident. It’s through mentorship that has made that happen, and she will do the same and more for you. So make sure you get to work with Peggy! Your future self will thank you, and I’m grateful on your behalf - because I know how much you’ll get out of it."

Anders Hansen
Illusionist - Speaker - Change-Maker - Peggy McColl Client

what AUTHORS and ENTREPRENEURS are saying

Pamela Charles

Nana Jokura

Dr. Jussi Eerikäinen

Rachel Bazzy

Lennox Cornwall

Brian Proctor


In 2021, the personal development market was worth $41.8 BILLION dollars.

And, especially since the beginning of the pandemic, the market and demand continues to grow.

your COMMUNITY needs you.
the WORLD needs you.

Say "YES"

to helping people, and earning your slice of the pie!



IMAGINE yourself...
  Enjoying time and financial freedom, doing what you love
  Helping others achieve more in their lives
  Being recognized as someone who is making a positive and beneficial contribution to other people's lives
  Helping other people break free from habitual behaviors, thoughts and feelings and finally living their best lives
  Loving every moment of what you do in your career while serving people in only positive ways
  Being in one of the highest paid professions in the world by utilizing an authentic approach with ease and joy
the LAW of COMPENSATION clearly states...
  The amount of money you earn - and the impact you have in the world - is directly related to three things:

1. The need for what you do

2. Your ability to do what you do

3. The difficulty there is in replacing you
  There are millions of people who want and need what you can offer them as a Certified Destiny Coach!
  Your ability to be a top coach is at your fingertips with the exclusive training and support inside the Destiny Coaches Certification Program!
  When you combine the top training in the world with the unique talents, abilities and personality you bring to the table - along with truth, honesty and integrity - it becomes not only difficult to replace you... but rather impossible, because there's only one YOU.


$83,973 $24,995

or 6 monthly payments of $4,500 USD


  PLUG in and GO

enjoy access to a true "business in a box"

Once approved, you will receive instant online access to everything you need to start and grow your own successful coaching business immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Click here to begin the process.

You will submit your application, along with the investment, for review by a member of our Dynamic Destinies Inc. team.  

IMPORTANT: Before you submit your application, please ensure you thoroughly understand the pre-requisites and total investment for being considered.

Once you complete your application and submit payment, upon signing the Destiny Coach Agreement, we will grant you immediate access to the entire Destiny Coach platform, along with all of the bonuses. You'll also be invited to attend the training for Destiny Coaches. 

How much does it cost?

Before we answer that question, we'd like to remind you: How much does it cost you to NOT do this?

Your income earning potential is limitless, and many highly successful coaches earn six, seven, and even 8 figures!

Beyond earnings, the other results you can create as a Destiny Coach are truly priceless.

Now that that's cleared up...

Enrollment in the Destiny Coach Certification Program is currently $24,995 USD. 

A payment plan is also available, which is 6 monthly payments of $4,500 USD.

Right now during the special offer period, the investment includes not only your access to all of the Destiny Coach certification training, but it also includes everything else mentioned on this page, including:

• Golden Nuggets of Wisdom from Millionaire Coaches
• The MSI Author + Entrepreneur Program
• The Skipping Levels Prosperity Mentorship Program

You are receiving a total value of $83,973 for $24,995 USD or for the monthly payment plan of 6x $4,500 USD.

Is there a licensing fee?

  • Each time you enroll a new client into The Destiny Key Program, there is an activation fee of $497 USD per client that you will pay to Dynamic Destinies Inc. to give your client full access to the program materials.
  • ​To remain active as a Certified Destiny Coach, there is an annual membership renewal fee of $250 USD (paid one-time only per year).

What do I have to actually do?

Your responsibility is to:
  • Go through The Destiny Key online training yourself, so you can benefit personally, as well as help guide your clients through the program.
  • ​Fully participate in all Certified Destiny Coach trainings.
  • ​Find and secure your own coaching clients; we provide the program and many of the tools, you use them to create your own success.
  • ​Reach out to Dynamic Destinies Inc. every time you enroll a new client to pay their registration fee in The Destiny Key program before your coaching begins. We have an easy-to-use client activation system for this.
  • ​Care deeply about your clients' success, as well as your own!

Where can I ask questions about the program?

If you are serious about, and committed to, becoming a Certified Destiny Coach, please fill out the application now

If you're not 100% certain yet, please reach out to
and we'll be happy to respond as soon as possible.
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