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From "Impossible" to "I'm Possible"
Very likely, you’re not yet in what you consider to be your Dream Home – OR perhaps you are, and you’re ready to manifest your next one. 

You see, what our heart desires CAN be manifested. There are NO limits that we ourselves do not impose.

We just need to learn how to STOP limiting ourselves.

Peggy McColl has created a step-by-step system that shows you how to do exactly that.

It doesn’t matter if you can barely scrape two quarters together right now... 
You ABSOLUTELY Can Buy A Home Of ANY Value, ANYWHERE In The World You Wish
You DO NOT have to know HOW you’re going to do that, to make the decision that this is where you’re going.

If you’re willing to follow the guidance of a mentor who has "been there, done that" multiple times, and take action with an open mind, forgetting about anything anyone else has ever told you in the past – no matter how “qualified” they were – then you are very likely going to surprise yourself (and them) by manifesting at least one home of your dreams.

Say YES to the dream, and watch the miracles unfold.
This Is NOT A Bunch Of "Baloney"
"By Their Fruits, You Will Know Them"
We made an offer, signed the papers, and had a deal within 2 weeks. We had no earthly idea where we'd get the money from. We weren't even pre-qualified for a mortgage. Fast forward to closing time, and the money arrived a few days early. We love living in our home.  It's in the middle of our beautiful town, has 5 bedrooms, a separate/detached office, and we're just steps away from hiking paths, shopping, restaurants, you name it. "
-Trace, Sabrina and Luke
Despite having lost her beloved husband and not having the financial means to buy the Florida vacation home she deeply desired, following Peggy's advice, Judy manifested the exact Florida dream home that she had imagined in her mind within a matter of 6 weeks. "
For as long as Jayne can remember, she had a desire to own and live in a waterfront home. Despite going through challenging times which included getting divorced, moving provinces, shutting down her business and going through financial challenges, she never lost sight of her dream. One day, even though she didn’t have the funds to purchase a waterfront home, she began her search for the perfect match to her dream home vision. As she embarked on her dream home journey, the energy she carried with her throughout each day helped her attract much more than her waterfront dream home: Within a relatively short period of time, Jayne also met her soulmate and married him. They manifested the money to buy waterfront land and are currently in the process of custom-building their own 10,000 soft dream home on it. "
-Jayne & Steve
With no money in hand yet a passionate desire to escape the Northern Toronto Winters, Brian became pregnant with the serious idea of owning a home in Florida and living there most of the year. Struggling to find the perfect home, he decided to do something unconventional – and asked his real estate agent to knock on the doors of several homes that fit a very precise description of what he wanted, in the ideal location, even though they technically weren't for sale. One couple answered, and they happened to be very open to the idea of selling. Very quickly, an agreement was reached and the deal was done! Brian had many 'hoops' to jump through to attract the funds... and he did it all, just in time, one step at a time, and ultimately closed the deal on his beautiful waterfront home. "
-Brian & Cory
Your New Mentor Peggy McColl, herself, has manifested...
Dream Homes
Loving Family
Back Yard Upgrades
Another Dream Home
Toys, Toys and More Toys
Lakefront Dream Home
Dream Marriage
7 Figure Income
13+ Books, Including A New York Times Best-Seller
Fun Business Trips
Invaluable Friendships, Clients & Business Partnerships
As You Can Clearly See...
Peggy Has Perfected The Dream Home Manifestation Process
Wouldn't it be great to pretty much "copy & paste" an inspirational mentor's results - by learning what they did, and applying the same principles in your own life?
Have you ever dreamed of living a truly fulfilled life?
Would you like to manifest wealth?
Wouldn't it feel great to be living in the home of your dreams?
Would your quality of life improve from your ability to turn any dream you think of into reality?
Have you come to the realization that "life is short" - and that NOW is the time to enjoy every moment and rise above circumstance & the human behavior that holds back 97% of the world's population?
It's Time:
Say YES To The Dream
"I have known Peggy McColl for 38 years and she is not only a wonderful friend but she is an excellent business associate. Her integrity is beyond reproach and her talent in this area is unmatched. Many of the greatest authors in the personal development industry have hired Peggy to assist them because of her expertise. ... Don’t even look sideways, don’t ask anyone, just leave your information and get working with Peggy." - Bob Proctor
When you sign up today, here is everything you get access to...
 Manifest Your Dream Home
Online Self-Study Program
  Video Introduction
Start The Manifest Your Dream Home Program Off On The Right Foot - With A Quick Instructional Video That Explains What To Expect For The Remainder Of The Course
  Session 1 - Overview and Groundwork
Discover EXACTLY What The Manifest Your Dream Home Program Is, Why It Works, And How It Works
  Session 2 - Declare What You Want
It's A Well-Known Fact That "Order Is Heaven's First Law"; When You Have Order In Your Mind About What You Want, The Universe Will Begin To Attract It Straight To You - So Right Away, We'll Get Clear On What Kind Of Home You Want, Where You Want To Live, And All The Nitty-Gritty Details - Right Down To The Color Of Countertops And How You'll Feel Walking In The Door
  Session 3 - Visualization & Mindset
Understand How To Visualize Your New Dream Home & Dream Life Effectively - So Effectively That It Impacts Everything You Do AND The Speed At Which Your Dream Home Manifests ... And Also Dial In Your Mindset Perfectly, So You Are Operating At FULL Integrity And With FULL Alignment: Thoughts > Feelings > Actions > Results; Mind > Body > Spirit > Manifestations
  Session 4 - The Divine Process
Activate Your Ability To Work In Cooperation With "God", "Spirit", "Universal Energy" - No Matter Which Label You Wish To Give It, This Connection To Your Original Source Of Energy Exists, And You Will Strengthen Your Connection Like Never Before And Activate Its Power All Day, Every Day, For Manifestation With Ease
  Session 5 - Peaceful Easy Feeling
The Speed At Which You Manifest Your Dream Home (And Anything Else In Life) Is Directly Proportionate To How NATURAL - At The Mind, Body AND Spirit Level - You Feel About That Which You Desire. In This Module, You Will Become A Master Of Your Feelings, Which Will Have You Attracting All Things Requisite To The Manifestation Of Your Dream Home 24/7/365
PLUS, Also Receive...
Dream Home Script Template & Video Tutorial
Value: $97
Based On Peggy's Famous Power Life Script™ Process, You'll Discover How To Use A Dream Home Script To Manifest Your Dream Home With Ease; Includes A Sample/Template Script AND An Instructional Video Tutorial On How To Modify It To Fit Exactly The Home And Vision YOU Want
The Money Stuff, Simplified
Value: $97
No Money, No Dream Home - Right? In This Bonus, You Will Discover Where To Get All The Money You Need For Your Deposit, Closing Costs, Legal Fees, Moving Expenses, The Home Itself, And Everything Else... Right Down To The Furniture And The Picture Frames For The Walls
Manifestation Stories
Value: $297
Your Very Own Archive Of Peggy's Most Inspirational Manifestation Stories - Listen To These Regularly And Be Reminded Of How Results Have Manifested For Others, And Borrow Their Belief In YOUR Ability To Produce Similar Results
Interviews With "Normal" Dream Home Manifesters
Value: $197
Beautiful, Honest And Candid Interviews That Talk About The Dream Home Manifestation Process And The Personal Struggles, Triumphs And "A HA" Moments - And The Exact Step By Step "How" It Happened For Them
How To Sell Your Current Home To Buy That New Home
Value: $197
If Yo'd Like To Sell A Current Home Or Property In Order To Buy Your Dream Home, Discover How To Do Just That - Even If It's Been On The Market For A While With ZERO Activity; Peggy Has Been There, Done That, And You'll Learn How To Cause A Shift That Creates Movement In The Sale Of Your Property
The Miracle 7: Manifest ANYTHING
Value: $197
The Principles In This Program Can Be Used To Manifest ANYTHING Well Beyond "Just" Your Dream Home: The Miracle 7 Will Make It Crystal Clear Exactly How
Daily Video Reminders
Value: $297
Enjoy A Library Of In-Depth Videos That Go Deep On Advanced Topics Related To Manifesting Amazing Results In Your Life, AND Enjoying The Entire Journey... Watch One Of These Videos Every Day; Picking A Video At Random Will Give You The Exact Message You Need To Hear For The Day ... It's Almost Like A "Message" From The Universe Tailored For YOU
VIP Group Support Calls 
Value: $497
YOU will have three months of direct access to Peggy or her guest Teachers, Speakers and Experts through LIVE open Q&A sessions that are held once a month! You can ask them any questions you have – whether about the course itself, or the goals you’re pursuing or your dream home. Whatever YOU want to know is fair game. 
Yes, I'm In!
I am ready to manifest my dream home. I am ready to stretch and go after my dream. I understand that I am making an investment in myself with this program, and that attaining my dream home goal is a result of the growth I am experiencing!
I undersand I will receive instant access to:
  The Manifest Your Dream Home 5-Module Online Program Value $997
  Surprise Bonus: Dream Home Script Template & Video Tutorial Value $97
  Surprise Bonus: The Money Stuff, Simplified Value $97
  Surprise Bonus: Manifestation Stories Value $297
  Bonus: Interviews With "Normal" Dream Home Manifesters Value $197
  Bonus: Daily Video Reminders Value $297
  Bonus: How To Sell Your Current Home To Buy That New Home Value $197
  Bonus: The Miracle 7: Manifest ANYTHING Value $197
  Bonus: 3 months of LIVE Q&A Support Calls Value $497
Total Value = $2,376 USD
Your One-Time Investment:
Only $2,376 $997 USD
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Do you think you can't do this because of a limitation?
Think again. Peggy can show anyone how to break free from circumstance inside this program.

No matter where you live. No matter your skill level. No matter your previous experience.
Let's Look At The (Probable Almost Certain) Facts
You’re Ready To Experience What It’s Like To Live In The Home Of Your Dreams And Enjoy The Lifestyle You Desire & Deserve, AND Think Tapping Into Your Inner Power - And The Laws of the Universe - Might Be The Best Way To Do That, BUT You Don’t Know “HOW”

You’ve Been “STUCK” In Old, Non-Productive Behavior Patterns That Came To You From Childhood And Throughout Your Life

You’ve Been Feeling Unsure Whether You’ve “Got What It Takes” OR Maybe Even Have Been Feeling “Unworthy” or “Fearful”

You Don’t Want To Take Any Permanent, Unnecessary Risks

You’re TIRED of “FORCING IT” … And You’re Ready To Practice The Art Of ALLOWING

You Want A COMPLETE PLAN – The Entire “A To Z” Of Manifesting Your Dream Home

You’re feeling at least a little bit skeptical that this can work for you specifically.

You don’t want to waste your time on some “gimmick”; You want to follow the directions of someone who has PROVEN this works – not once – not twice – over and over again!

You want to achieve your dreams and your goals the right way … morally, ethically, and without struggle. 

You want to expand your abundance without taking anything away from anyone else, and without ”biting off more than you can chew”.

The Reality of Matters
This can work for you.

You can start with an easy goal, such as creating a clear vision for EXACTLY what your Dream Home is like

Or you can start with a BIG goal – something so big and exciting that it scares and excites you at the same time - for example, moving into your Dream Home by Christmas and inviting your family and friends for dinner.

You can begin today - with practically zero money, zero experience, and zero support (other than Peggy, of course :-))

Make A Choice And GO
Who This Is For
People Ready To "Upgrade" Their Home / Life
People Willing To Learn / Study
Anyone Who Has Just A Few Minutes Per Day
Anyone Who Wants To Generate Wealth & Prosperity
Anyone Who Values "The Good Life" And Is Ready To Change
Are You Committed To Creating Results, No Matter Where You're Starting From Or How Much You "Know" or "Don't Know" Today?
...This Program Is For You!
This could be the start of something B-I-G…
If that’s what you want, then go for it!

This life has always been available to anyone willing to work for it.
YES – Manifesting the home of my dreams is a BURNING DESIRE

YES – I can see myself living in an absolutely beautiful home that meets all my desires

YES – I understand that I can get started with NO MONEY (other than the investment in this program)

YES – I realize that the traditional requirements given
(good credit, steady employment, etc.) do not need to limit me in any way

YES – I am worthy of my desire to live in the home of my dreams

YES – I believe that I can do this, because I know Peggy believes it, and there are others who have come from similar backgrounds as I who have achieved this and so much more

YES – I’m willing to dedicate a few minutes to this every day

YES – I’m ready to study and take the required actions that are revealed to me step by step as I get closer every day

YES – I can feel how wonderful it is to step foot into my dream home for the first time once I close the deal and officially call it “MINE”
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