A Million
In A Month
Quick Start Guide
How You Can Set The Goal To Earn
$1,000,000 In 1 Month
(And The Exact Steps To Achieve It!)
Can You earn a million in a month?
Peggy McColl has, and here's how you could too:
From "Impossible" 
"I'm Possible"

How To Embrace The Idea That $1,000,000 (or more) Can Be Earned In A Month (Or Less)

Using the principles shared in this book can help you produce results that many would call miraculous.
Peggy's Million In A Month Story

Learn how Peggy earned a million in a month, and discover that if she can do it... so can you

At first, Peggy thought this goal was quite "far fetched" - but she went for it anyway, and the rest - as they say - is history!
Logic Violated: 
Escaping The Shackles Of Your Past Results

Chances are, you haven't yet earned a large amount of money in a short time...
And your past results have been holding you back.

Peggy will explain how to put your past in the past and confidently move forward.
The Secret Ingredients To All Your Dreams

There are two crucial things you need to do in order to achieve your goal.

The good news is, they don't cost money and anyone can do them, no matter where they're starting.

They're explained in depth in this chapter.
Opportunities At Your Fingertips Right NOW

If you've ever wondered how you could possibly provide so much value to the world in such a short amount of time - so you can earn big AND help people in a BIG way - in this chapter, you will discover the best opportunities to do all of that.

And, you'll love them: They're simple.
Earning Money While You Sleep

One big advantage of the "rich" is that they've escaped the rat race of trading time for money...

They earn money during the day, as well as while they sleep.

You'll discover how you can, too.
Sell them what they want, give them what they need

One big mistake that many business owners and marketers make is that they focus on selling people what they need, when "needs" are not what emotionally drive people to make purchase decisions.

You will discover that to effectively market & sell anything, you must appeal to what people WANT - and how to do that.
Marketing funnel magic

Discover the simple recipe to creating raving fans, building relationships with customers on auto-pilot, and acquiring paying customers who simply "eat up" your products and services.

When you do this right, your dream business grows right before your eyes.
Your new millionaire lifestyle

Imagine all the things you'll be, do, and have ... and be a able to GIVE ... when you're on your journey to earning millions, by serving millions.

In this chapter, you'll step into your new millionaire lifestyle and set forth a plan to carry out step-by-step.
A Million
In A Month
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