ATTENTION!!! Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Stay-At-Home Moms & Small Business Owners… 

ATTENTION!!! Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Stay-At-Home Moms & Small Business Owners… 

New york times best selling author
Peggy McColl
Want to Create Multiple Sources Of Income From the Comfort of Your Home Using A Proven Model Personally Created By Peggy McColl And Enjoyed by Many Of The World's Top 3%?
Want to Create Multiple Sources Of Income From the Comfort of Your Home Using A Proven Model Personally Enjoyed By Peggy McColl And Many Of The World's Top 3%?
Start Creating Your Profitable Revenue Model Today! 
ACT NOW Discover How Within 100 DAYS You Can Transform Your Life For The Better & Live it Your Way! 
...And Set Yourself Up To Literally Create Multiple Streams of Income And Potentially Earn Money On Autopilot!
All From Your Laptop, Anywhere In The World
Changed my life forever, both financially and professionally …

"Working with Peggy as a Mentor, Online Marketing Coach and ‘Go To Person’ has enabled me to take my first book and repurpose it to diversify my income streams, resulting in $113,927.92 in new revenue. I have created high ticket programs for my clients and used one idea to generate 27 new clients in 3 days. Brilliant! Peggy’s straight forward approach to harnessing my passions and marketing my message to women globally has changed my life forever, both financially and professionally and it has allowed the people who are searching for my particular programs and trainings to find me effortlessly. Peg, I am forever grateful and love your heartfelt passion for helping others share their gifts with the world.”

- Deborah Skye King
President: Soul Therapy International

DOUBLED her bottom line!

“Thank you, Peggy! Your coaching and information has made a world of difference in my life and business. In fact, my bottom line has actually DOUBLED because of your help.”

- Dr. Stacia Pierce

Follow her system to the letter!

“Anyone who’s serious about making a lot of money quickly and easily should follow Peggy’s system to the letter.”

- David Riklan
Creator of, the largest personal improvement site on the Internet

A non-stop, idea-creating, revenue-producing MACHINE!

“Peggy helped me design a brand new online marketing program that is generating more online business than I ever imagined possible. She’s a non-stop, idea-creating, revenue-generating machine. I highly recommend her! She’s worth 100 times what she charges – no, make that 1000 times and more! In a world full of good talkers it is nice to do business with a real DOER!”

- Dean Graziosi
Author of ‘Totally Fulfilled’, 
and Creator of

Bonus Package Worth
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Direct Access To Peggy McColl for ALL Your Questions for 1 FULL YEAR!
Pure Magic Monthly
12-Month Membership
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Enjoy Monthly Live Q&A Calls, Live Training Sessions, New Expert Interviews, A Supportive Facebook Community Group And More - Leverage The Power Of Direct Access To Peggy McColl For Feedback As Well As The Power Of A Group Of Individuals With The Same Goal Coming Together!
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If You Desire To Make Money AND A Difference…
Your Voice & Ideas Matter, and The World NEEDS You.
 Your MSI Roadmap
When you sign up NOW, here is everything you get access to... 

Oh, and did we mention you will have fun? You will discover how to get more done with less effort and allow more business, abundance and success to come into your life with ease! 
 Step 1: Revenue Models 

To Sell $1 Million Or More & Set Up Multiple Sources Of Income, 
You Must Have A Scalable Revenue Model...

In These Live Teaching Classes, You Can Establish The Foundation For Your Business To Generate Multiple Sources Of Income With Ease. 

Submit Your Revenue Model For Peggy To Review  And She'll Offer Her Expert Guidance To You. 
Live Online Class • Recorded Access
LIVE Support • 1x Per Week
 Step 2: Get Your Book & / Or Program DONE

Once You Have An Idea of What is Most Desirable As Far As Offers Are Concerned ...

It's Time To Quickly and Easily Create Your New Program or Book 
Designed in an Effective Way to Line Up to A Proven Revenue Model

Again Peggy Will Personally Give You Feedback And Offer Her Expert Advice During These 100 Days. 
Live Online Class • Recorded Access
LIVE Q&A Support • 1x Per Week
 Step 3: Expand And Multiply!
(Put Some Icing On Your Cake!)

Now That You Have Created a Solid Revenue Model... And You've Completed The Creation...

It's Time To Think BIG! Whether You Are Already An Author Or Have a Business Online, MSI Entrepreneur / MSI Author is Designed to Get You Thinking About Massive Results!

Peggy Will Show You How To Grow Your Business To 7 Figures or More!.

Live Online Class • Recorded Access
LIVE Q&A Support • 1x Per Week
Bonus Package Worth
Over $48,975 Expires Soon
Step By Step Proven Mentorship To Set You Up With Multiple Sources Of Income!
Your Challenge Is To TAKE ACTION And Complete The Tasks Given To You,
Over The 100 Day Period 
Create a Profitable Unlimited & Scalable Revenue Model To Build Your MSI or MSIs! 
Live Classes • Instant Access
Learn How to Set the Clear Intention Right Out of the Gate so That You Set Yourself Up For Success!
Value: $1,498
Get Your Book &/OR Program DONE In 100 Days Or Less! 
Live Classs • Instant Access
You Will Discover How to Create Desirable Books And/Or Programs That Have Buyers Salivating When They See YOur Offers! 
Value: $1,498
Live  Feedback and Q&A Sessions! 
Laser Coaching • 10 weeks
Get Answers Related To Ideas, Business, Marketing, Mindset, Book Writing , Copy Writing & MSI's
Value: $9,997
Live Training Classes With Peggy McColl
LIVE Training • 1x/Week
Classes Related To Revenue Models, Program Creation, Mindset, Business Growth, Book Writing, "How To" Questions
Value: $1,997
Revenue Generating Income Sources 
Online Live Class • Instant Access
Proven Step By Step Guidance On How To Scale Your Business for Exponential Growth
Value: $1,997
Submit Your Revenue Model For Peggy To Personally Review
Mentorship • Feedback Classes
Submit Your Revenue Model For Peggy To Personally Review. Keep Yourself Accountable And Take Massive Action During The 100 Days! 
Value: $9,997
Millionaire Mindset Live Classes
LIVE Training • Instant Access
Elevate Your Vibration Faster Than You Ever Believed Possible And Keep It There
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Training Vault To All Of The MSI/Mentorship Classes
365 Days/ 24/7 • Replay Access
Even After The 100 Days Have Expired Review The Content Over Again For A Full Year In Our Special Vault! 
Value: $9,997
Total Value: $48,975

Your Price: $9,999 USD or 4 Payments Of Just $2874 USD

Here's The Best Part:

It makes NO DIFFERENCE what niche, service, or profession you're in.

It works for

Coaching & Consulting

It works for


It works for


It works for:

 Health Influencers



 Fitness Influencers

 Affiliate Marketing



 Network Marketers

 Retail Marketing





 Financial Experts




 Social Media



 Home Services




Yes, I'm In!
I am ready to create financial freedom. 

I am ready to learn, put in some work, and create an online program or book of my own. 

I am ready to create Multiple Sources Of Income, be guided by one of the kindest, most effective mentors on the planet, who "does" and "teaches" based on the philosophy of "selling your stuff and NOT your soul".

I understand that I am making an investment in myself with this special offer, and that taking quantum leaps towards my dreams will be a result of the growth I am experiencing.
I undersand I will receive access to:
Get Your Revenue Model DONE
Online Class • Instant Access
Pick Your Big Idea & Create Your Revenue Model
Value: $1,498
Get Your Program Or Book DONE
Online Class • Instant Access
Pick Your Review Model & Implement It Step-By-Step
Value: $1,498
Access To Peggy For ALL Your Questions!
LIVE Feedback and Q&A Support • 1x/Week
Get Answers Related To Ideas, Business, Marketing, Mindset
Value: $1,498
Mentorship From Peggy For 100 Days!
Personal Feedback & Critique • For The 100 Days 
Get Answers Related To Ideas, Business, Marketing, Mindset
Value: $1,997
Submit My Revenue Model For Peggy To Review
Online Class • Instant Access
Submit Your Revenue Model For Peggy To Personally Review. Keep Yourself Accountable And Take Massive Action During The 100 Days! 
Value: $1,997
Millionaire Mindset Live Classes
Live Laser Coaching • Instant Access
Elevate Your Vibration Faster Than You Ever Believed Possible And Keep It There
Value: $9,997
VIP 365 Training Vault To All Of The MSI/Mentorship Classes
Training Vault • Instant Access
Even After The 100 Days Have Expired Review The Content Over Again For A Full Year! 
Value: $9,997
Revenue Generating Income Sources 
Live Laser Coaching • Instant Access
Proven Step By Step Guidance To Complete Your Valuable Offer
Value: $9,997
Live Training Classes With Peggy McColl
Live Laser Coaching • Instant Access
Classes Related To MSI's, Idea Expansion, Revenue Models, Program Creation, Mindset, 
Business Growth, Book Writing, "How To" Questions
Value: $9,997
Total Investment: $48,975 
$9,999 or 
4 Payments Of Just $2874 USD
Register Now for this special package
and you will get started immediately
New York Times Best-Selling Author and Program Creation Mentor
Peggy is a world-renowned expert
ready, willing and able to blow you away
in more ways than two:
She is a New York Times Best Selling Author and an internationally recognized Speaker/Author/Mentor and an expert in the area of goal achievement

She is a Speaker/Author/Expert in helping Authors, Entrepreneurs, Experts and Up-And-Coming Experts…

• Create valuable products;
• Build their brand worldwide;
• Make money online;
• Create international “best sellers”!
Peggy McColl has earned the reputation for being
the gold standard
in online marketing and promotion.
Her successful marketing campaigns have been praised by authors, publishers, and entrepreneurs around the world and are on the cutting-edge of transformational teachings. They have resulted in millions of dollars in sales and the transformation of an immeasurable number of lives.

Her innovative and laser-focused work has been endorsed by some of the most renowned experts in the personal development field including…
Neale Donald Walsch Bob Proctor Jack Canfield Jim Rohn

Mark Victor Hansen Caroline Myss Gregg Braden

Debbie Ford and many others.
Her special, unique & intensive programs, speaking engagements, goal achievement seminars, and best-selling books have inspired & instructed “everyday” individuals, entrepreneurs, authors and organizations to reach their maximum potential.
Peggy’s personal goal is to
make a positive
to the lives of tens of millions and she
is beyond passionate about
helping you achieve
your goals.
Peggy is the President and Founder of Dynamic Destinies Inc., an organization that trains individuals, authors, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and employees in some of the most compelling and strategic goal-setting technologies of our times.
Peggy can help you to realize your success (both mentally, spiritually, and in “the real world”), whatever your chosen field may be! Whether you want to build your business, publish your book, or make money online, Peggy has the proven track record and over 30 years of experience to help you achieve your goals.
She is the author of more than 20 books including:
  • Be A Dog With A Bone: Always Go For Your Dreams
  • The Last Diet Book Ever
  • ​Your Destiny Switch: Master Your Key Emotions, and Attract the Life of Your Dreams
  • ​21 Distinctions of Wealth: Attract the Abundance You Deserve
  • ​The Demand Principle: Your Invisible Guide To Easily Manifest Anything
  • ​The Millionaire Author: The Hidden Strategies to Turn Your Book Into a Million Dollar Business
  • ​The 8 Proven Secrets To Smart Success
  • ​Savy Wisdom: It Has The Power To Change Your Life 
  • ​Savy Wisdom 2: The Sequel
  • Darn Easy: Work Half As Hard, Earn Twice As Much, While Living The Life Of Your Dreams
She is also the creator of these programs:
  •  Turn Fear Into Faith
  •  Relax Your Way to Wealth
  •  Riches in Abundance
  •  Manifest Your Dream Home
  •  The Prosperity Breathing Technique
  •  Best-Seller Money Makers
  • ​ Skipping Levels Prosperity Mentorship Program
  • ​ Power Life Script Program
  • ​ Destiny Certified Coaching Program
  • ​ The Money Marathon
  •  ​Club Achieve International Study Club
  •  The Book Writer's Program
  •  The Complete Author Program
  •  Get Your Program Done & Launched
  •  The Elite Circle of Influence
  •  The Way To Riches
  • ​The Destiny Key
  • ​Magnet for Money
  • ​Making a Million Look Small
  • ​A Million In A Month
By launching her own programs & books and becoming a master at creating MSI's and simply helping people, Peggy herself has manifested...
Dream Homes
Loving Family
Back Yard Upgrades
Another Dream Home
Toys, Toys and More Toys
Lakefront Dream Home
Dream Marriage
7+ Figure Income Year After Year
20+ Books, Including A New York Times Best-Seller
Fun Business Trips
Invaluable Friendships, Clients & Business Partnerships
As You Can Clearly See...
Peggy Has Perfected The Program Creation & Multiple Stream Of Income Implementation Process...

And Is Truly Living Her Dream Life, Practicing What She Preaches
So... Frankly... What Are You Waiting For?
To experience something you've never experienced before, 
you must do something you've never done before.

Let Peggy show you the way!
Wouldn't it be great to pretty much "copy & paste" an inspirational mentor's results - by learning what they did, and applying the same principles in your own business?
Have you ever dreamed of living a truly fulfilled life?
Would you like to manifest wealth?
Wouldn't it feel great to be earning millions simply by helping people with things you know?
Would your quality of life improve from your ability to turn any dream you think of into reality?
Have you come to the realization that "life is short" - and that NOW is the time to enjoy every moment and rise above circumstance by doing things that the top 3% of income earners in the world are doing?
It's Time:
Set The Goal To Earn Multiple Sources
And Watch Everything Begin To Shift!
"I have known Peggy McColl for over 40 years and she is not only a wonderful friend but she is an excellent business associate. Her integrity is beyond reproach and her talent in this area is unmatched. Many of the greatest authors in the personal development industry have hired Peggy to assist them because of her expertise. ... Don’t even look sideways, don’t ask anyone, just leave your information and get working with Peggy." 
- Bob Proctor
What if you really could look back at creating a successful book & program & increase your business exponentially after 100 Days and say, “that was easy!”?
If you think something might be standing in your way, think again...

Don’t have a ton of money to invest? 
No problem. This program is affordable and will help you create more money in your business. We also  added a payment plan to make your investment extremely friendly.

Don’t have a business yet?
You will create one as you go through this class.

Don’t know what you want to create or exactly who you want to help?
We’ll help you choose a program or book idea to develop that’s in alignment with who you are and what your passion is (and we’ll even help you discover your passion if you don’t yet know what it is).

Invested in other programs in the past without getting results?
We understand and have been there, too. This program will walk you step-by-step, no matter if you’re starting from scratch or have some experience already. You’re going to love it and are confident that you’ll agree, there’s nothing else like it out there.

Lacking confidence and certainty?
“Leap and the net will appear” are true words of wisdom. We promise that after you complete this class, you will feel completely empowered, excited and confident about creating your own products and programs.

Don’t have a lot of time to learn?
We get it! That’s why this class is designed to turn you into a program creation expert within just 100 Days. Years and years of product development trial and error and education have now been packed into a simple, proven system that you will love (and that will save you quite literally months or maybe even years of your own time and money)

Don’t live in the USA or Europe?
These teachings apply ANYWHERE in the world – it does not matter where you live, and it does not matter where your desired clients and customers reside. The miracle of the Internet allows us to teach you easily, and it allows you to reach anyone in the world you desire. There are no limits. The only requirement for this class is that YOU speak English … but your clients and customers can speak any language you wish to serve them in. This is universal knowledge and education.

Scared about stepping out into the world?
We’ve been there, too. 🙂 As soon as you take that next step, you will be so glad you did.
Do you think you can't do this because of a limitation?
Think again. Peggy will show how to start from scratch inside this program.

No matter where you live. No matter your skill level. No matter your previous experience.
Let's Look At The (Probable Almost Certain) Facts
You’re Ready To Experience What It’s Like To Be One Of The World's Top 3% Income Earners And Enjoy The Lifestyle You Desire & Deserve, AND Think Creating "Something" Online Might Be The Best Way To Do That, BUT You Don’t Know “HOW”

You’ve Been “STUCK” In Old, Non-Productive Behavior Patterns That Came To You From Childhood And Throughout Your Life... Doing Things The Way The Mostly Unsuccessful People Around You Have Been Doing Them

You’ve Been Feeling Unsure Whether You’ve “Got What It Takes” OR Maybe Even Have Been Feeling “Unworthy” or “Fearful”

You Don’t Want To Take Any Permanent, Unnecessary Risks, Or Quit Your "Day Job" Prematurely


You Want A COMPLETE ACTION PLAN – The Entire “A To Z” Of Creating Your Own Program or Book!

You’re feeling at least a little bit skeptical that this can work for you specifically.

You don’t want to waste your time on some “gimmick”; You want to follow the directions of someone who has PROVEN this works – not once – not twice – over and over again!

You want to achieve your dreams and your goals the right way … morally, ethically, and without struggle. 

You want to expand your business without working 24/7/365 and without having to fail over and over, learning the "hard way".

The Reality of Matters
This can work for you.

You can start with an easy goal, such as simply coming up with a few ideas about what you can offer

Or you can start with a BIG goal – something so big and exhilarating that it scares and excites you at the same time - for example, taking such massive action guided by a mentor that you one day (maybe soon) can say that you've earned a million or more!

You can begin today - with practically zero experience!

Make A Choice And GO
Who This Is For
People Ready To "Upgrade" Their Business / Life
People Willing To Learn / Study
Anyone Who Has A Burning Desire To Accomplish A Lot In Little Time
Anyone Who Wants To Generate Wealth & Prosperity
Anyone Who Values "The Good Life" And Is Ready To Help Others Change
Are You Committed To Creating Results, No Matter Where You're Starting From Or How Much You "Know" or "Don't Know" Today?
...This Program Is For You!
This could be the start of something B-I-G…
If that’s what you want, then go for it!

This life has always been available to anyone willing to work for it.

And today, it's easier than ever to get started and use models that others have proven successful.
YES – Earning a profitable, sizable income is a BURNING DESIRE

YES – I can see myself easily and lovingly transforming other people's lives by sharing my knowledge & experience - even if I don't yet have a clear picture as to all of the "how" steps

YES – I understand that I can get started with MSI Entrepreneur / MSI Author today even if I have no idea of what to create  - that's the great thing about free will - the power is in my hands to create ideas and programs "out of thin air"

YES – I realize that there are no limits - the key is following the guidance of a mentor to be creative and implement proven models

YES – I am worthy of my desire to earn multiple sources of income

YES – I believe that I can do this, because I know Peggy believes it, and there are others who have come from similar backgrounds as I who have achieved this and so much more ... even if I earn a million over a longer period of time than 1 year, it will transform my results and my life in an amazing way

YES – I’m willing to dedicate at least a few minutes to this every day until I reach my goal

YES – I’m ready to study and take the required actions that are revealed to me step by step as I get closer every day

YES – I can feel how wonderful it is to experience freedom as a result from my willingness to ask for support AND taking ACTION
Frequently Asked Questions
When Does The Program Begin?
The program begins July 21st 2022. 
What Format Is This Program Delivered?
Easy online meetings that you can enjoy from anywhere, on any device. The program is conducted over a series of LIVE webinars, PDF handouts, and other digital materials designed to help you create amazing results. On every call, you will have the opportunity to engage with Peggy --- as well as fellow members --  so you can get your questions answered and leverage the mastermind every week. If you are unable to attend the LIVE calls, you can submit your questions in advance and watch Peggy's answers on the replays.
How Much Is This Program Going To Cost Me?
A better question is, how much is it going to cost you NOT to participate in the program? The financial investment is currently $9,999 USD or 4 payments of $2874 per month, which provides you with direct access to Peggy McColl in a very structured, positive, and empowering environment.
Can I Pay In Payments?
YES! We have created two payment options to make enrollment easy.

OPTION 1: $9999 USD - Pay in full upfront
OPTION 2: 4 X payments of $2,874 per month
Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?
All of our programs are non-refundable. We have this policy for two reasons:

1. The programs are digital, and once you have access, you instantly can consume the content and once you have access, it can’t be “returned”.

2. More importantly, a refund policy gives folks an "easy way out" to revert back to their old patterns of behavior. One of the major things we like to help people with is to take actions that allow them to live their dream life and achieve their goals. This often requires doing “scary” things (like making investments, making time, big changes in their lives, changing habits that no longer serve, and many other types of things) … So when someone makes a decision - “YES! I’m going for it!” and registers, the registration affirms their commitment to themselves to follow through. Our “old ways” of thinking and behaving can come back to destroy our new plans. :-) It has been shown that people who invest in themselves financially and set time aside to take action, are much more likely to follow through with something and make a permanent shift.
Are My Results Guaranteed?
While the mentors inside this program and many of their clients and/or partners have achieved one-of-a-kind results, these results are extraordinary and you may or may not experience similar results.

Your level of success in attaining the results from using our products and information depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques used, your finances, knowledge and various skills.

Since these factors differ among each individual, we cannot guarantee your success or income level, nor are we responsible for any of your actions.

Any and all forward-looking statements on this web site or in any of our products are intended to express our opinion of the earnings potential that some people may achieve.

But many factors will be important in determining your actual results, and we make no guarantees that you will achieve results similar to ours or anyone else’s. In fact, we make no guarantees that you will achieve any results from the ideas and techniques contained on our web site or in our products at all. That is impossible.

To the extent that we included any case studies or testimonials on this site, you can assume that none of these stories in any way represent the “average” or “typical” customer experience.

In fact, as with any product or service, we know that some people will purchase our products but never use them at all, and therefore will get no results whatsoever. You should therefore assume that you will obtain no results with this program.


We believe that when you go the extra mile, you will be handsomely rewarded. "It's never crowded along the extra mile." - Wayne Dyer
Disclaimer: Are these results typical? No. It takes a certain type of person to achieve results this good (or better). There are people who make zero dollars and some who even lose money, while others create 6, 7 or even 8-figure incomes, earn awards, and manifest their every desire.
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