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Success + Goal Achievement
The achievement of your biggest goals and dreams comes down to one very important thing:
Vibrational Alignment!
💰   Whether your desire is to build a multi-million dollar income…

📖   Or to write a “page-turner” New York Times Best-Selling Book…

🎬   Or to write, produce, or play a role in a Hollywood blockbuster...

💓   Or turn your life around and leave a legacy that the whole world will cherish.

It’s attainment relies on one thing only: Your ability to stay aligned with your goal no matter what comes at you along your way.
The second most important thing is learning to trust and tap into the
Power Of Your Intuition!
🌟   You have, within you, the ability to discover any information you need to know to achieve your dreams.

🛣️   You have, within you, the ability to know - beyond a shadow of a doubt - what direction to go in, and what decisions to make.

✨   Most people haven’t been trained to understand or to trust their intuition, but if you’re reading this right now - something has been telling you it’s time to master it.
Get and Stay
in Perfect Alignment
and Master Your
The Universe Loves Speed
Enjoy and benefit from  PRIVATE coaching sessions! You have the opportunity to grow leaps and bounds - and manifest exactly what you set out to manifest.

Each session will be on-point and on-purpose; Your time is precious and you will be investing it wisely.
What This Mentorship Is All About
See what you didn’t see before.

Be who you hadn’t been before.

Create results like you’ve never experienced before.

Unleash your full potential.
Areas of Life / Business In Which You Can Enjoy The Benefits Of Mentorship
🚀 Improve Your Results Exponentially

💸 Grow Your Income Exponentially

📖 Write A Book

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Do something today your future self will thank you for

🎬 Create, Produce or Play A Role In A Hollywood Blockbuster or on Broadway

📈 Quantum Leap Your Life

🎯 Create a sense of certainty knowing your goals have already manifested

🎨 Unleash Your Creativity

🤝 Grow Your Business Relationships

💕 Manifest Your Dream Personal Relationships

🏆 Achieve Awards and Special Recognition
Virtually Anything You Want, We Can Help You Get There!
All goals require the same level of consciousness and high vibrational energy; Inside your mentorship sessions, you will master your Alignment, master your Intuition, create an Organized Plan ... and then get to work!
Pre-Requisites / Requirements To Apply
✅ A commitment to implementing ONLY strategies that are legal, moral and ethical
✅ Self-accountability - the awareness that your results are up to you
✅ Reasonable expectations in terms of results, while being open to also achieving results that may feel “miraculous”
✅ Open-mindedness and willingness to follow the directions and guidance of your Mentor
✅ Willingness to step outside of your comfort zones
✅ Commitment to taking massive action
✅ Full acceptance and execution of the Mentorship Agreement
✅ Willing and able to pay the investment in full before mentorship begins
What You WILL Experience
A love-filled “butt-kicking” - being inspired to go beyond your perceived limits and stay in action and alignment every day.

One-on-One guidance with personal attention.

Intuitive “hits” from your mentor on what could be your next best move (based on experience, and based on Universal guidance).

Pre-scheduled One-on-One calls via Zoom, Skype or Phone.

Goosebumps, “A-HA” Moments, and the feeling of moving straight towards your dreams.
What You WILL NOT Experience
No “babysiting” - you are held accountable for yourself, your results, and taking action; if you don’t follow through on an idea or a suggestion, that is 100% on you.

No “bad vibes” - in fact, any time a lower energetic vibration shows up, you will be mentored back to a higher level.

No explicit guarantees - your results in your life and business are up to you; however, your mentor will guide you and help you see opportunities and possibilities previously hidden from your conscious awareness.
This Is Not Your Typical Mentoring Program... This Is "Out Of This World" Manifestation Mentorship!
Meet Your Mentors
Peggy McColl
Prosperity Mentor
New York Times Best-Selling Author
Peggy McColl is a world-renowned wealth, business and manifestation expert as well as the New York Times Best Selling Author of "Your Destiny Switch: Master Your Key Emotions And Attract the Life of Your Dreams”. For the past 25+ years, using her Power Life Script™ process — along with her unique intimate understanding of the Universal Laws - she has been showing people from around the globe how to:

• Manifest any result they desire in their personal and professional lives;
• Become international Best-Selling Authors;
• Create valuable products;
• Build their brand worldwide;
• Create wealth and complete freedom;
• And much more

Her innovative work has been endorsed by some of the most renowned experts in the personal development field including…

• Neale Donald Walsch
• Bob Proctor
• Jim Rohn
• Mark Victor Hansen
• Caroline Myss
• Gregg Braden
• Debbie Ford 
• And many others

Her special, unique & intensive programs, speaking engagements, goal achievement seminars, and best-selling books have inspired & instructed “everyday” individuals, entrepreneurs, authors and organizations to reach their maximum potential and truly take massive quantum leaps.

Peggy can help you to realize your success (both mentally, spiritually, and in “the real world”), whatever your chosen field may be! Whether you want to manifest a dream life, build your business, publish your book, or make money online, Peggy has the proven track record to help you achieve your goals.

Phil Goldfine
Manifestation Mentor and Oscar, Tony, 
Emmy Award-Winning Producer
Phillip B. Goldfine is a film, television and Broadway Producer. He won the Academy Award as Executive Producer in 2014 for Best Documentary (Short Subject) film The Lady In Number 6: Music Saved My Life and the Emmy in 2011 for writing for the Variety Show El Vacilon.

He began his career as a development and production executive at companies including FBC (Fox Broadcasting Corp.), New Line Cinema and Trimark Pictures. Goldfine’s credits include an eclectic library of over 120 other motion pictures. 

As a development executive he worked on such motion pictures as The Mask starring Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz, and Jim Carrey’s first dramatic role, Doing Time on Maple Drive. As a producer he has worked with such stars as Wesley Snipes, Jack Black, Hilary Swank, Shirley MacLaine, Denise Richards, Mark Ruffalo and many others. Goldfine has produced films for all the major studios including MGM, Universal Studios, Paramount, Sony, Disney, Warner Bros. and Lionsgate Films.

Mr. Goldfine has also produced for many of the major networks and streaming sites including Netflix, A&E, CBS, Reelz Channel, National Geographic and the SyFy Channel.

2019 was a new milestone year for Goldfine as the Broadway play he served as co-producer on TOOTSIE THE MUSICAL won two Tony Awards. In 2020 he’s as busy as ever producing more content.

In his spare time Phil Goldfine’s latest endeavor is to break the world record in the 50 Meter Men’s Freestyle swimming event and become the only human being to have ever won an Oscar, an Emmy and a Swimming world record.

Mentoring with Peggy
Manifestation, Business and Author Mentorship

Peggy is your ideal mentor if:

• You want to manifest big goals and dreams
• You would like guidance in the areas of manifestation, business, and authorship

• Twenty-Four (24) weeks - meet twice a week x 15 minutes (every Monday and every Friday); Once your mentorship begins you will arrange meeting times with Peggy.

• Mentorship with Peggy starts with a 2 hour strategic planning session

• Video recordings of each session so you can review them

• Includes access to ALL of Peggy's programs including Skipping Levels

• Introductions to other industry professionals who may be able to assist you
What mentorship does NOT include:

• "Done for you" services such as writing, editing, marketing plan creation, business plan creation, etc.; Peggy will guide you how to do these things or hire service providers, but our company does not provide these services for you.
Your Investment To Work With Peggy:
$55,000 $49,997 USD
Mentoring with Phil
Manifestation, Business and Entertainment Industry Mentorship
Phil is your ideal mentor if:

• You want to manifest big goals and dreams
• You would like guidance in the areas of the entertainment industry, doing business deals, and winning awards

• Twelve (12) 30 Minute One-on-One Mentorship Sessions with Phil
PLEASE NOTE: You can also split your time into six 60-minute sessions or other possible arrangements; Once your mentorship begins, you can arrange this with Phil.

• Video recordings of each session so you can review them

• Recommended tools and resources

• Introductions to other industry professionals who may be able to assist you
What mentorship does NOT include:

• "Done for you" services such as writing, editing, marketing plan creation, business plan creation, etc.; Phil will guide you how to do these things or hire service providers, but our company does not provide these services for you.
Your Investment To Work With Phil:
$55,000 $49,997 USD
Option #3: The Author Cabin + Private Mentoring
2 Morning Mentoring Sessions + 2 Nights Stay in Ottawa at The Author Cabin
Could you finally take a quantum leap with your book and/or your business with a little FOCUS ... TRANQUILITY ... and MENTORSHIP ... ?

The Author Cabin is your perfect spot to plan and/or write your book and/or expand your business.

Come out to Ottawa and work 1-On-1 and side-by-side With Peggy McColl for 2 days!

Each morning, you will sit with Peggy to plan and solidify your plan... Then each afternoon, you will spend time in the cabin amongst the beautiful, serene environment of the Lake and make major progress on your book and your business.

2 days of pure bliss and productivity - you'll love your stay and the results that you'll manifest before, during and after.

PLUS... BONUS: After your stay, enjoy 3 one-on-one coaching calls (45 minutes each) with Peggy McColl.

Enjoy a quiet, tranquil setting - all to yourself - so you can focus, plan, write, and build your book and/or your business ... with your mentor, Peggy McColl, at your wing.
Your Investment:
$30,000 $19,999* USD
*Extremely limited number of spaces available; act fast to secure your spot!
Successful People
are willing to do the things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do.
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Disclaimer: Are these results typical? No. It takes a certain type of person to achieve results this good (or better). There are people who make zero dollars and some who even lose money, while others create 6, 7 or even 8-figure incomes, earn awards, and manifest their every desire.
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