Would you like to begin experiencing your wildest dreams finally coming to fruition?
Peggy McColl's Guidance Will Help You Do Just That,
And Before Long, You'll Say It Seemed To Happen By
Pure Magic...
Take Big Steps Towards Your Dream Life
Every Single Month
With Group Mentorship From Peggy McColl
You Already Have, Within You, Everything You Need To Succeed ...

Peggy McColl Helps You Unlock What's Inside - And Keep It ALIVE
No matter what your goals and dreams are - whether they're business, personal, or both - you have untapped resources inside of you waiting to be accessed.

These resources - when activated - literally open an entirely new dimension for you, not currently available through your physical senses.

All your desires exist on a higher frequency ... you must align your vibration with that higher frequency, and maintain this alignment over a period of time. 
Pure Magic Monthly - in combination with your own Power Life Script™ - will facilitate this with you.
NOW  You Can Receive Direct Access To The Master Manifester  Herself
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Pure Magic
For decades, to receive feedback and guidance from Peggy McColl, the only way was to become a member of one of her high-end coaching programs.

Now, in an all-new and exciting monthly format, you, too, can access the power of Peggy's mind, energy, and experience - for one low monthly investment.
What You'll Receive
  • Live Open Q&A Calls every month that are designed to answer your unique, personal questions related to manifesting your dreams, shifting your mindset, and being wildly successful in any area of your life or business that you wish, PLUS expert guidance on using Peggy's famous Power Life Script™
  • Monthly Video Training Sessions that take the base of the Power Life Script™ and build upon it further, strengthening understanding, practical usage, and aiding you in bursting through personal barriers on your manifestation journey
  • Exclusive Monthly Video Interviews with people who have mastered the art of manifestation using their Power Life Scripts to create the life of their dreams
  •  Member Community Access to a Private Facebook Group (a "safe", non-public space) where you can connect, socialize, learn from one another, AND get/give support on your manifestation journey
  •  LIMITED TIME BONUS: Morning & Evening Money Audio Meditations which will guide you to relax into a new universal awareness and consciousness around money
  •  LIMITED TIME BONUS: FREE Access To The Entire Power Life Script™ Program to make sure you have everything you need to create the true life of your dreams
One Low Monthly Investment: $197 $97 USD/month
PLEASE NOTE: The important thing, no matter what kind of “things”, relationships, or other manifestations you are creating in your life, is that you take action on a daily basis and remain in the study. It is the repetition of these proven principles, along with daily study, and your steadfast belief in yourself AND the materials, that will “set you free” and allow you to shift your deepest ideas and desires into tangible facts. It is only a matter of time and the more you focus on this, the quicker things generally move :-) Pure Magic Monthly, along with the daily usage of your Power Life Script, are designed to get you into a beautiful vibration and keep you there.
Peggy practices what she preaches - that's how she earned the privilege to teach.

Peggy herself has manifested...
Dream Marriage
7 Figure Income
Invaluable Friendships, Clients & Business Partnerships
Dream Home
Loving Family
Back Yard Upgrades
Another Dream Home
13+ Books, Including A New York Times Best-Seller
Fun Business Trips
Toys, Toys and More Toys
Lakefront Dream Home
When You Become A Member TODAY, You'll Also Receive FREE Access To...
Today's Investment:
Only $197  FREE
The Power Life Script™ Program Includes...
  The Power Life Script™ Video Introduction
Value: $197
Discover EXACTLY What The Power Life Script™ Is, Why It Works, And How It Works... With Plenty Of Case Studies / Stories That Illustrate Precisely The Power Inside A Well-Written Power Life Script!
  The Power Life Script™ Written Guidebook
Value: $197
A Guidebook To Keep By Your Side As You Create Your Power Life Script, And Review On A Regular Basis - To Make Your Manifestation Journey Easy And Fun
  40+ Power Life Script™ Written Templates
Value: $197
Enjoy 100% Complete, Done-For-You Scripts - Just Pull Them Up And Read/Record! Including:

 • A Life of Peace and Harmony
 • A Rich and Wealthy Mentality
 • A Total Sense of Peace
 • Attract Abundance
 • Attract Your Soulmate
 • Be a Great Leader
 • Be Open to Receive
 • Being a Multi-Millionaire
 • Brand New Perfectly Fitted Wardrobe
 • Build Your Confidence / Self Esteem 
 • Building Faith
 • Creating Positive Habits
 • Eliminate Anger
 • Eliminate Anxiety / Stress
 • Enjoy Restful Sleep
 • Exercise
 • Family Time
 • Feeling Worthy and Deserving
 • Get Rid of Pain/Eliminate Pain
 • Getting Unstuck
 • Great Relationships with Children
 • Great Relationships with Extended Family
 • Greater Appreciation
 • Have a Happy Marriage
 • Ideal Weight
 • Invoke Creativity/ Tap into Creativity
 • Life in General
 • Make Decisions Easily
 • Manage Money Effectively
 • Money and Time Freedom
 • Outstanding Public Speaker
 • Paying All Bills Easily (Meeting All Demands)
 • Perfect Health
 • Sell Your Home
 • Stop Procrastination/ Get into Action
 • Soul Mate / Perfect Relationship
 • Successful Multi-Million Dollar Business
 • Total Joy
 • True Happiness
 • Tuition Paid In Full
 • Wonderful Blended Family
  40+ Power Life Script™ Audio Recordings
Value: $297
Peggy McColl has recorded an audio version of every single one of the 40+ power life script™ templates, so even if you don't want to listen to your own voice, you can listen to peggy's as she speaks to you about your desires!
The Power Life Script™ Program contains everything you need to create success and manifest anything
Act Now & Get These Amazing Bonuses
Brian loves The PLS™...
Jayne loves The PLS™...
M. Shawn loves The PLS™...
Anders loves The PLS™...
Advanced PLS™ Video Training (8 Videos)
Value: $497
Get even more in-depth training about how to generate results so QUICK, and so ACCURATE, you'll almost have a hard time believing all the good that flows into your life as a result of following this method.
Parents Guide: PLS™ For Children
Value: $97
Discover exactly how to get the Power Life Script™ working for your children, no matter what age.
Couples Guide: PLS™ For Couples
Value: $97
If you are in a committed relationship, it is imperative that you're both on the same page when it comes to manifesting your goals and dreams. In this module, Peggy will show you how to make it easy and fun using The Power Life Script™ with your significant other!
As You Can Clearly See...
Peggy Has Perfected The Power Life Script™ System
And That Is The Foundation For Pure Magic Monthly!
Have you ever dreamed of upgrading your life?
Would you like to manifest wealth?
Do you have a burning desire to do something meaningful?
Would your quality of life improve from your ability to turn any dream you think of into reality?
Have you come to the realization that "life is short" - and that NOW is the time to enjoy every moment and rise above circumstance & the human behavior that holds back 97% of the world's population?
It's Time:
Make The Shift
"I have known Peggy McColl for 38 years and she is not only a wonderful friend but she is an excellent business associate. Her integrity is beyond reproach and her talent in this area is unmatched. Many of the greatest authors in the personal development industry have hired Peggy to assist them because of her expertise. ... Don’t even look sideways, don’t ask anyone, just leave your information and get working with Peggy." - Bob Proctor
Do you think you can't do this because of a limitation?
Think again. Peggy can show anyone how to break free from circumstance - using repetition.

No matter where you live. No matter your skill level. No matter your previous experience.
Let's Look At The (Probable Almost Certain) Facts
You’re Ready To ”Upgrade” To The Life You Desire & Deserve, AND Think Writing Your Own Power Life Script™ Might Be The Best Way To Do That, BUT You Don’t Know “HOW”

You’re A Bit “Technologically Challenged” And Need Easy, Non-Techie Solutions

You’ve Been Feeling Unsure Whether You’ve “Got What It Takes”

Your Time And Schedule Is Limited And You Want To Get This Done Quickly

You Want A COMPLETE PLAN – The Entire “A To Z” Of Manifesting Your Dreams

You’re feeling at least a little bit skeptical that this can work for you specifically.

You don’t want to waste your time on some “gimmick”.

You want to achieve your dreams and your goals the right away … morally, ethically, and without struggle. 

You want to expand your abundance without taking anything away from anyone else!
The Reality of Matters
This can work for you.

You can start with an easy goal, such as earning a little extra money, or taking a vacation

Or you can start with a BIG goal – something so big and exciting that it scares and excites you at the same time.

Make A Choice And GO
Who This Is For
People Ready To "Upgrade" Their Life
People Willing To Learn / Study
Anyone Who Has Just A Few Minutes Per Day
Anyone Who Wants To Generate Wealth & Prosperity
Anyone Who Values Relationships & Wants To Value Themselves Too
Are You Committed To Creating Results, No Matter Where You're Starting From Or How Much You "Know" or "Don't Know" Today?
...This Membership Is For You!
This could be the start of something B-I-G…
If that’s what you want, then go for it!

This life has always been available to anyone willing to work for it.
Regardless what YOUR “reason why” might be…
Paying Off Debt
Developing New Income Streams
Stating A New Business / Career
Starting / Expanding / Connecting More Deeply With Your Family
Conquering Fears
Attracting Love
Increasing Your Self-Confidence & Courage
Or Any Of The Other 40+ Categories...

YES! Peggy, I am so ready to put your personally-proven system to the test and blast through any barriers I may have once in my life … using your methods to “git ’er done” faster than ever before.

YES! I understand that this membership - and the Power Life Script™ program - is much more than just about writing words on paper or inside a document. I'm excited to seriously upgrade my life - by design - using a combination of your ideas and strategies, and my deepest, most passionate desires.
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