Savy Wisdom From Beyond

The third book from the Savy Wisdom Collection

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New York Times Best-Selling Author
Peggy McColl

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About The Book

Savy Wisdom From Beyond

In the first two books of the Savy Wisdom Collection, Savy became a much-needed mentor in the life of Sophie, creatively guiding her from being a suicidal, heart-broken teenager to a happy and highly successful mother, wife, author and entrepreneur.

Savy's emotional passing left Sophie feeling a great void in her life. Amidst frustration and a feeling of loss, Sophie's strong desire to connect with her beloved friend and mentor who had transitioned into the afterlife lead her on a surprising and unexpected mystical journey that reveals how our spirit is truly eternal and no one is ever really gone.

Lessons Include...

• Dealing With Grief, Loss, Sadness, Death
• Working Through Suicidal Thoughts
• Receiving Messages From Beyond
• Spirituality
• Channeling
• Inner Power
• Creativity
• Strength
• Courage
• Consciousness
• Allowing vs. Force
• Faith
• Persistence
• More!
“In Savy Wisdom From Beyond, author Peggy McColl gives us a totally engaging story woven with inspiration and powerful insights for how we can each tap into a field of wisdom and guidance from beyond our physical world. You will love reading this wonderful book and gain so much by means of it coming into your life.”

~ Mary Morrissey, Author/Founder of Brave Thinking Institute
“Savy Wisdom From Beyond is an amazing 5-star read! It opens your mind to the magical world of possibilities and how to see things differently about life and death. This book is the third of a series of three and while I truly enjoyed the first two I have to say this one is my favorite! It is beautifully written and the fact that the story is inspired by real events makes it even more interesting. I also loved the unexpected plot twists I couldn’t put it down!”

~ L.L. Tremblay, Author of Seven Roses and Light Over Dark
“Have you ever lost someone you loved? Savy Wisdom From Beyond may be a fiction book, but the lessons inside are very real: about powerfully dealing with grief, loss, and challenging situations. It also offers a new perspective on life and death; one that can completely change the way you live, and the way you experience your loved ones who have passed on. It’s an easy read that inspires you to understand and embody some very deep principles - I highly recommend you dive right in.”

~ Trace Haskins, Author, Prosperous On Purpose
“Once I started reading Savy Wisdom From Beyond I couldn’t put it down! The intrigue of what would happen next kept my attention throughout. This book is jam-packed with sage advice and real life lessons that everyone can relate to and benefit from. Peggy McColl has hit a Grand Slam with Savy Wisdom from Beyond.”

~ Linda Proctor

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Savy Wisdom From Beyond
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Bob Proctor’s Final Interview 
In this video Bob Proctor (Savy) and Peggy McColl (Sophie) discuss the importance of getting clear about what you really want, setting a beautiful goal for yourself that is truly worthy of you. This was the final video interview with Bob before he transitioned back into non-physical.
BONUS #3: Exclusive Video Interview
Interview with Linda Proctor
Enjoy exclusive access to an interview with Peggy McColl and Linda Proctor (Bob Proctor's wife). You will benefit from a very intimate perspective on Bob Proctor -- the man and the spirit -- and be inspired by this in-depth and fascinating conversation full of valuable insights and lessons.
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Peggy's Greatest Lessons Ever Learned From Bob Proctor
Peggy discusses the greatest ever lessons that she has learned since attending her first Bob Proctor Seminar way back in January 1979. 
BONUS #5: Exclusive Video Interview
What’s True - What’s Not? Interview
The Savy Wisdom series of books are fiction, but based on true stories. In fact, many of the stories in the book stem directly from Peggy McColl's life. In this enlightening and eye-opening interview, you'll discover what really happened -- what didn't -- and become more connected with Savy Wisdom, Peggy McColl, Bob Proctor and their fictional counterparts.
BONUS #6: Audio Version
Audio Version Savy Wisdom From Beyond
Listen to the complete narration of Savy Wisdom From Beyond directly from the author Peggy McColl.

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What People Are Saying About Savy Wisdom From Beyond
“Savy Wisdom From Beyond is a page-turner of a story that delivers life-transforming insights and lessons that are both practical and mystical. While the main theme is about dying and grief, surprisingly this is an uplifting book about death. Given that we are all going to die, along with everyone we have ever loved, this is a must- read for all.”

~ Arielle Ford, Author, The Soulmate Secret: Manifest The Love Of Your Life With The Law of Attraction
“Savy Wisdom From Beyond brings such new and much needed understanding and awareness about grief, death and dying. The enlightenment and energy leaps off the pages and provides such hope for what is possible, as humans as we live, and as we transition from this world. I highly recommend this book to all to read.”

~ Marilyn Adams
“Outstanding and brilliantly written. This book is essential reading for anyone looking to understand how the mind can be programmed to its fullest potential. This magical story will also guide you to have a powerful knowledge of the life and death that intertwines all around us. An exciting, captivating and must read book with tonnes of valuable lessons that will positively impact your life and the lives of millions of people forever.”

~ Roddy Telfer, Business, Mindset and Marketing Coach

"No words to actually describe how this book is mind-blowing. I was stunned to learn that grief could be approached in a peaceful way. Yes for anyone - (meaning the whole planet) this book is a true revelation! Such profound wisdom is shared to elevate one's consciousness to see death on a bright side. Few people on earth can actually achieve this. I am extremely grateful today that I can be one of them! Thank you Peggy McColl, you are a light in this world!"

~ Tessia Watson
“Savy Wisdom From Beyond is not only a superb read but a lighthouse for your journey... a journey on which you can experience the best but also the worst. It truly depends on your perception and committed irrevocable decisions you take... while listening to (or ignoring) your intuition and divine guidance. I was fully absorbed in the present moment and I believe Peggy wrote the book at perfect time for billions of souls that may feel lost. If you are dealing with the loss of someone, this book gives you peace. I love how it opened up my consciousness even more and I know I am on the right emotional path and that I have always understood and lived in alignment with the Higher Power. Read this book as the awareness shifts in ways meant for you!”

~ Vladimira Kuna, Int’l Best-Selling Author, The Bible of the Masterminds
“Savy Wisdom From Beyond is a genuinely remarkable and captivating book that I found myself unable to put down. It's beautifully written, and the lovely detail and inspiring message keeps you wanting more. It gives new meaning to the word grief. I wish more people could find comfort like I found in this book when losing someone you love. It would help so many people learn to deal with grief differently. This book will bring you comfort and wisdom and potentially change your perspective on life after death. Its message is truly unique and one you haven’t heard before.”

~ Kayla Léon, Author of the Children’s Book, “What A Mess Kid”
“Peggy, you’ve done it again! You have created a beautiful story of inspiration, love and hope. From the beginning to end, you captivate the reader. I read it in one sitting as I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Thank you for continuing this series!”

~ Jayne Lowell
“WOW! Savy Wisdom From Beyond is, by far, my favourite in the series. Well done! I connected with the story and felt it deeply. I believe this book will help many people deal with grief in a positive way.”

~ Judy O’Beirn, President of Hasmark Publishing
“Supernatural. In the third installment of the Savy Wisdom series, McColl takes the reader on a thoughtful and uplifting examination of mortality and death. Every chapter oozes wisdom applicable to every aspect of our mortal lives. By viewing death as a gift, the living can reframe a loved one’s passing (as well as their own) simply as a transition to a new phase on their eternal journey. Embrace life in the face of death and be at peace.”

~ M. Shawn Petersen, Author, Stella And The Timekeepers
“Well she’s done it again! Peggy McColl has produced another triumph in Savy Wisdom 3 - the perfect evolution of the Savy storyline with a powerful message about what happens after death. A must read for anyone struggling with the loss of a loved one.”

~ Tommy Collier, Entrepreneur
“I love reading books that inspire and bring hope. Occasionally I find one I consider a jewel, a gift. Savy Wisdom From Beyond is definitely one of those books; it strummed the strings of my soul.”

~ Robert Pascuzzi, Film Producer and Author, The Ravine
“I’m really not a big reader. I don’t read a lot of books, especially on this topic, but I really loved Savy Wisdom From Beyond. I feel it completes the trilogy perfectly. The ending of this book was amazing and it moved me. I feel anyone who reads this book will look at the grieving process in a different way.”

~ Denis Beliveau, Husband of the Author
“Peggy is a fabulous storyteller and journey master! I was captivated by the first book, Savy Wisdom which is a crossroad that many of us meet in life at some point, a crisis of belief about ourselves and who we truly are. Then, when Savy Wisdom 2 came out it was a reminder of the challenges that we must face and overcome with grace though love and a strength that we can connect to that is within each of us. And now, to meet Savy Wisdom From Beyond, is a testament to a part of life that many of us are fearful of, death and grief. All of these challenges in life can interrupt our attempts at happiness and quickly replace the joy and prosperity we seek in our lives. I love the way Peggy meets these challenges and turns them into opportunities through Sophie. I feel like a part of my own life is being played out to witness and now find other ways to evaluate my life. I'm so grateful for Peggy's genius and generosity to share her life experiences through the story of Sophie and be the wisdom and guide for us during the journey. Beautifully written with powerful messages to support understanding and to choose a life of freedom and joy with a fantastic, talented mentorship of Peggy and her Savy!”

~ Angie Tumlinson, Natural Laws Expert
"I have read many books over the course of my lifetime. I feel humbled that I was given the opportunity to read Savy Wisdom From Beyond. It is a gift, not just a book. It will reach in and heal the spirit of a soul in desperate need of hope. It will reach out and guide the spirit of a soul feeling lost and in search of meaning. It will reach up and tether the spirit of a soul intent on leaving this Earth too soon. It will reach down and lift up the spirit of a soul laid flat by the weight of darkness gripping its heart. None of us can walk another's journey for them, but what Savy Wisdom From Beyond has done, is allow us all to walk alongside another as they journey on. And in this way, share in their experiences so that they may remember to remember, that they are never alone. Thank you for this gift Peggy. I will treasure and share it with everyone, so that this world becomes a brighter place again."  

- Tudi Thiele, TRUVY Associate, Mental Essentials Partner
"Savvy Wisdom From Beyond was exactly the book that I needed to expand my knowledge and understanding on how to move forward through grief. It offers a perspective that is comforting and healing. I love that it included the most important messages about living a fulfilling life and the value of gratitude. Peggy's book is a great reminder that we are never alone and that we too can move through grief and an understanding of what is here and now and what is beyond."

- Sheena Smith
"Whether you love personal development and want to improve an area of your life from real life lessons shared, or whether you are a fan of Bob Proctor, Peggy McColl or even if you struggling with grief or loss - then this is for you! I would buy the WHOLE sequel if i were you. It usually takes quite a bit of discipline for me to read - but this - I read in 3 hours flat and was glued! Peggy is such a wonderful writer painting such detailed pictures of her life journey including the ups and downs, the blessings and lessons. I truly believe there is a lesson or "aha" moment or idea that would benefit absolutely anyone on this planet. BUY IT NOW! Then buy 5 more for friends or family. This I see as a movie. What a wonderful emotional and inspiring rollercoaster."

- Leanne Marie Reynolds

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About Peggy McColl

The Author of Savy Wisdom From Beyond
Peggy McColl is a world-renowned wealth, business, and manifestation expert as well as the New York Times Best Selling Author of Your Destiny Switch: Master Your Key Emotions And Attract the Life of Your Dreams.

For over 25 years, using her Power Life Script® process — along with her unique intimate understanding of the Universal Laws - she has been showing people from around the globe how to manifest any result they desire in their personal and professional lives, from dream homes and soulmates to perfect health and multi-million-dollar businesses.

She has worked with – and been endorsed by – some of the most renowned experts in the personal development field including...
Bob Proctor    Neale Donald Walsch    Jim Rohn    Dr. Wayne Dyer    
Mark Victor Hansen    Caroline Myss    Gregg Braden    Debbie Ford    
Arielle Ford    Hay House    Marianne Williamson    Dean Graziosi    
Gay Hendricks    Marie Forleo    And many others
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