97% of the population - let alone home buyers - are not aware of this information. That's why you don't see people doing things this way very often. "
- Peggy McColl
How To Manifest Your Dream Home
Starting Where You Are With What You Have (Or Haven't) Got Right Now
You can manifest YOUR dream home.
Here's How:
From "Impossible" 
"I'm Possible"

How to buy a home of ANY value, anywhere... even if you think the goal is WAY outside of your budget.

Using the principles shared in this book can help you produce results that many would call miraculous.
Dream Home Manifestation Stories

Learn how Peggy, Brian, Jayne, Trace and others have manifested homes all over the world - starting with zero money in their pocket when they decided to go for it.

When Peggy bought her first dream home, she was a single Mom in debt... but that did NOT stop her.
Logic Violated: 
What You Don’t Need

A lot of well-intending people have probably told you that you need to meet certain requirements to buy a home, let alone a dream home. You'll learn the TRUTH about what you need - based upon our experiences (which are quite marvelous).
The Breakthrough Guarantee: 
What You Do Need

There is one thing that you need to buy your dream home, and you might be surprised about what it is.

It's explained in depth in this chapter.
As Clear As Glass: 
How To Pick The Dream Home Ideal For You

Do you really know what you want in a dream home?

It's important to get clear on this, so you don't make a huge mistake by buying a home you thought you'd love, but end up not liking very much.
Your Exquisite Staircase: Next Steps To Taking Possession

How to move forward at rapid speed, and do the necessary (and fun!) actions that will lead you to your end goal:

Taking possession of your Dream Home!
Coming Home: Setting Foot In Your New Home For The First Time As A Dream Home Owner

Experience the feeling of what stepping foot into your Dream Home is like.
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