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Create Your Own Best-Seller
I believe my friend and client Neale Donald Walsch is right when he says:

“Your life is not about you. It’s about everyone else who’s life you touch and the way in which you touch it.”

If you’ll allow me, I’m going to explain how this all works, and how you can get these Best-Seller principles working for you...

And you might be surprised at how simple it is at the core.
Is This For "Newbies" OR Is This For Authors Who Already Have A Book And Want To Create Best-Seller Success?
The answer is: Both. :-)

For Existing Authors: If you’ve already written and published your book, and you’re ready to take the next step of making your existing work a Best-Seller, read this entire book except skip Chapter 4 (which is all about writing and publishing).

For "Newbies": If you’re just getting started, don’t skip a beat and read this entire book.
Disclaimer: Are these results typical? No. It takes a certain type of person to achieve results this good (or better). There are people who make zero dollars and some who even lose money, while others create 6, 7 or even 8-figure incomes.

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